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As the Heel Spurs Turn...Free at last ....thank goodness the Orthopedic boot is off at last !

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Iriebabel & the cyborg turtle
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances April (2018)
Camino Del Norte 26 March 2019
The cyborg turtle saga continues—-as the heel spurs turn.

My final appointment today at the Podiatrist. Once again I was up at 0:dark:30 for the 1 hr drive into the city but this time...it was extra dark with a huge jug of sea fog. Could not see 5 foot (1.5 meters For the Everone with the metric system) in front of my face. Coffee...check. Water bottle, breakfast Cracker....check. Banana ....oooops left it on the kitchen counter . Now I must be on guard for the occasional deer or random coyote (yes folks they exist here...in the boonies as my sister would say) ...alligator...no further south and then there’s the Pickup trucks going 90 mph because they can.

Not much else happends at this point except that it’s darned dark....I make it yes got a parking spot this time on the second floor, and here I thought I was early hahah 🥺 but hey I’m not complaining. No elevator this time😍. I took the shuttle instead of the gold carts and it drops me off near the main entrance. I am early and its a good thing once again the doc calls me in early. I was really prepared this time. I had my mind ready ...centrifuge ...needles...lidocaine plasma ..my blood(Platet Rich Plasma PRP injection) . except that they throw me a curve ball. Boy oh boy it seems the doctor decided not to give me the injection today , the camino saved me 😳? Just 9 days away from my flight to Barcelona she once again Dug her fingernails into the bottom of my foot.

She remarked ” how does that feel”. I said “it’s ok...I can feel it but its not killing me”. She replied “well if you dont jump off the table then you are ok we won’t give you the injection, 🤯not enough time before you go. The inflammation you normally feel from the injection within the first 2 weeks we want to make sure you don’t have any issues”. So a thought came to me....”🤬and I was so ready this time 🙄”. But I pushed that thought away thinking I missed her fingernails so it was best to get a final check before I go. With that they gave me an appointment for the week of my return home for another Plasma Rich Platelet injection (PRP) And kicked me out. With no boot. Whooooo hoooooo🥳 I am freeeeee !!! Apparently the orthopedic boot was causing discomfort in my foot , not to be confused with pain and it was also causing hip and lower back pain. She referred me to my lovely HOKA Tor’s and Orange Superfeet inserts. You can wear both and you will be better off.. we will see you when you come back...have a good time..... with that I did a skip and off I went. They all laughed and so did I. So today was a good day after all...

I made my way back to my town stopping to test out my new discovery. (Feet😁) 4250 steps....a little pain but otherwise ok... on the Physio therapy. I called earlier but no answer. I arrived early. Waited 30 minutes. Then was told sorry your Therapist is sick “didnt some one call you?”😳. hmmmmm NO. ... but its ok. I have no BOOOT...I’m good so I drove home with both Hoka’s on
Although one feels higher than the other hahahah... now I am sitting in my easy chair typing this watching a movie with both feet up😍 T-9 and counting tot he Camino Del Norte. YES💖. I am packed...slightly ready need to work on the blog now and all the little bits of things that needs doing before I go. will keep you all updated..Physio continues tomorrow and everyday all week. Happy Boot free Monday🥰. Moral to today’s adventure...prepare for the worst and you will get the very Best😁! tune in for the next episode of as the Heel spurs turn...
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