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Bilbao to SJPP


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I have a flight reservation (not purchased yet) to get from the USA to Bilbao.
From there, I will need to get to St. Jean Pied-de-Port on May 8, 2009.

I've seen some (very helpful) posts that say "take a bus" and "take a train" to get from Bilbao to Bayonne to SJPP. But I'm having trouble figuring out which train lines and which bus lines, and which stops.

I've found the online schedules for Euskatren and RENFE, but I'm getting more and more confused. They don't seem to connect well to each other.

Can anyone provide more info/links (please)?
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it's difficult to get from Bilbao to SJPP by train. It's easier to take the bus from Bilbao to Irun (check, they got 4 departures every day).
Take the euskotren from Irun to Hendaye. It's a short 5-10 min ride across the Spanish/French border. From Hendaye you can take the French train to SJPP via Bayonne (check
Good Luck!


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There is a bus from Bilbao to Bayonne that goes twice a day (at 7.30 and at 1300 hours). The company is named PESA
ALSA buses to IRUN leave Bilbao many, many times a day, The next day you travel from IRUN to BAYONNE by bus/train and from BAYONNE to SJPP by train. Coach service to Hendaye. Ticket and bus stop at Termibus by the Hospital Civile de Basuto. 50mins €7. From Hendaye to St Jean by train via Bayonne 3 ½ hours (French Rail)
It is better to take a bus to cross the border from Spain into France. If you take the train, it has to wait for a French train to pick it up, but the buses just drive across. :) There are plenty of buses to/from Hendaye. My friends from Ireland took the bus from San Sebastian to Hendaye, then the train to Bayonne to catch a flight from Biarritz. You probably can find a bus that will take you directly to Bayonne or even SJPdP.

If you go to the bus station, you will see each company has a window with a clerk & above the windows, there are signs telling you which cities that bus company provides services to. At the train station, you just ask for a schedule or the clerk at the window & tell them the city you are going to.



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OK, this will be a bit sketchy, but others can tighten it up for you...
I agree with the Pilgrim who recommends taking the bus initially, it does roll right across the border, no questions asked. Then a Train from Bayonne over to SJPP.
We did this last year, but we started in San Sebastian. We left around 8AM from there, the bus stopped acouple of times, once towards the end in Biarritz, which I guess is quite the beach destinatino. We arrived in Bayonne with enough time to walk around some, take in their very nice Cathedral, a cup of coffee, prior to jumping a local train over to SJPP, which I would guess arrived around 3PM, in time to get your credentials, a bunk, etc. In May there should still be enough light in the day to see some of SJ, which is quite a nice little village. Walk 'up' the river into their horse country, in ten minutes from the church and bridge there you'll be in the country, very picturesque.
Now starting in Bilbao you might have problems with the schedule I mention, but worst case scenario you head over to San Sebastian a day early, enjoy that charm of a city, then carry on to SJPP using the bus and train.
You'll have fun. Bilbao is a nice way to start your Camino, soak it up.
Cheers, Harry
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Thank you all so much.
Here is what I've pieced together as being possible, based on schedules available now (but not guaranteed to be in effect still for May 2009).

Option #1 PESA Bus + SNCF Train (Duration 6 hours)
Depart Bilbao at 7:30 on PESA Bus, arrive Bayonne 10:30
Depart Bayonne at 11:58 on SNCF Train, arrive St Jean Pied-de-Port 13:11

Option #2 ALSA Bus + Euskotren Train + SNCF Train (Duration 10 hours)
Depart Bilbao at 5:15 on ALSA Bus, arrive Irun 7:00
Depart Irun at 9:17 on Euskotren, arrive Hendaye 9:21
Depart Hendaye at 10:21 on SNCF Train, arrive Bayonne 11:03
Depart Bayonne at 11:58 on SNCF Train, arrive St Jean Pied-de-Port 13:11

The next SNCF Train (the last for the day) departs Bayonne at 15:06 on SNCF Train, arrives St Jean Pied-de-Port 16:19


SNCF Train

It's nice to have options!
But I just have to say that I am SO GLAD I will be travelling on foot after this -- it's so much simpler 8)


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Is the bus station from Bilbao to Bayonne close to the train station to st Jean?


Is the bus station from Bilbao to Bayonne close to the train station to st Jean?

There is no central bus station in Bayonne. PESA buses terminate in Bayonne at Place de Basques.

Place de Basques is located about a kilometer and across the river from Gare de Bayonne (the train station).

You can walk or take the local Chronoplus bus #5, 8, B, or N. They depart from Place de Basques and make a stop at Gare de Bayonne.


Take PESA bus from Bilbao (Loiu) airport to San Sebastian/Donostia bus station (outdoor), walk to Euskotren station Amara (700 meters), take the Euskotren to Hendaye, then from Gare d'Hendaye either take SNCF train to Gare Bayonne or ATCRB bus to Place de Basques and chronoplus bus to Gare Bayonne, and finally take SNCF TER train and bus service to SJPdP. (tracks are washed out so train goes to Cambo les Bains and passengers transfer to a bus)
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