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Booking accomodation or do you just walk in


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Hi Im new to this, its my first time on the Camino, and I'm a beginner at using forums (I am getting used to it though). I was wondering if you could walk into the hostels/albergues along the camino or do I need to book in advance. I assume I have to book at St jean Pied de Port as Ive read some information about it in this forum, is that correct?, and I was wondering whether the same applied to along the way. Also i was thinking every few days or so I might stay in a hotel and was wondering do these need to be booked in advance also? I'm a bit worried Ill turn up in a village/town at the end of a lot of walking and not be able to find somewhere to stay; Im also a bit of a slow walker.

Cheers Therese
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Hi Therese

Municipal refugios don't take reservations, but as a walker, you have priority over cyclists. Private hotels , casa rurals can be booked ahead. Had no trouble finding places the past month, although heard this will change in May (many Germans), up to July / August (many Spanish). Refugios open around 1 /2 p.m. so plan your day to arrive around these times and you should have no difficulty finding something.
Buen camino

Im not sure when i will arive to a town, as Im not sure how long it will take me to get to each place, being inexperienced with this sort of walk. Do you think I will get the swing of it and then be able to book a day or so in advance, or do you think I will have to book even further in advance than this.

Cheers Therese
You'll get the hang of it, you'll soon work out how far you can go before 2, even allowing for different terrains :) Personally I reckon that the best way of meeting people is by being in Albergues, you may not always like the people but that's the Camino. Others may have a different view, partucularly those who have walked in the height of the summer.
Buen Camino
I walked the first 8 stages of the Camino Frances in July and thought reservations were not needed. No one was denied a bed. I made them in Zubiri at a private hostel and regretted it because the municipal was nicer. The albergue at Roncesvalles takes reservations if you wire them the money, but when I got there on the bus, there were plenty of beds. It may get more crowded in Galicia though.
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I did more booking toward the latter half of my Camino in September, especially if I wanted a private room. I tended to do that in places where I really wanted to stay in certain hotels (such as the Paradores in León, Villafranca del Bierzo and Santiago de Compostela) or if I had a really long day of 30 to 40 kilometers planned and knew I would want my own space.

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