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Bus, Spain and some thoughts


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Just as an anecdote, my wife is on here way to Lugo with the bus today to teach a class....

... she just called me... the bus driver has stopped the bus in Melide, he decided that he needed a coffee so the passengers just need to wait. The passengers are now waiting in the bus while the bus driver is having a coffee.

Now this is a bit extreme, but...
1) while traveling in Spain you can not be in a hurry.
2) do not plan on tight connection times between busses or busses/planes.

... and maybe join the bus driver for his coffee. :)

Have a good Wednesday,
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I have found, journeying around the world, that there are two types of travel: the functional type, where travel is a means of getting from A to B according to a predefined schedule; and the 'travel to broaden the mind' type, where anything can happen. We expect it always to be the 1st type, and find it annoying at first when things don't go to plan, but the fun experiences are always when the unexpected happens. Travel in Spain used to be mainly of type 2, where you never knew what was going to happen, but ISTM it's now becoming more and more type 1 = boring.

I remember a similar experience on a train in N Italy once, where the driver got out at one place and disappeared for over an hour. Whether he fancied a meal, or had a girlfriend he simply had to visit, or . . .


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