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bus to Ferrol


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Hello Ivar,
I will be arriving Santiago airport at 09.30.(Oct4th) and intend to walk the Camino Ingles.
Can you give me some info regarding buses to Ferrol from the airport?
It seems to be quite difficult to find this info on line.
Kind regards.............................Yrret.
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Hi there Yrret,

Yes I know, the bus companies are not online yet (but it seems like they are coming along slowly). Due to this I made this compilation of bus schedules last year (so it might be a bit dated). Click here to see this page

So this is the Santiago - Ferrol schedule from last year

For a more up-to-date schedule, see the MonBus/Castromil website here:

... I think you will have to travel into town and take a bus from the Santiago bus station up to Ferrol, but after studying the schedule you will find that out.

By the way, I hope you read Bill Murphy's post regarding the Camino Ingles from last week. An excellent post full of useful and up-to-date information. Read it here::

Buen Camino!
bus to Ferrol.

Hello Ivar,
Many thanks for this information.It's exactly what I needed.
I have read Bill Murphy's entry and it's a wonderful account of his Walk.
Kind regards from sunny Ireland.
Terry. :D
Greetings Ivar and All

I am reviving this old topic because none of the links to time tables seem to work.

We are planning to return from the Santiago de Compostela in October via the FEVE railway along the north coast of Spain. However, we need to get from Santiago to Ferrol by bus or train. Can anyone point me to a website with time tables and fares.


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Somewhat different times from a current search for the schedule:


09:15 10:15 Vigo-Pontevedra-Santiago-Ferrol (Por Pontedeume y A9)
LMXJVS 31/12/2010 Castromil,S.A.

11:00 12:20 Santiago-Ferrol (Por A9 y Guisamo)
LMXJVS 31/12/2010 Castromil,S.A.

12:00 13:18 Santiago-Ferrol (Por A9 y Fene)
LMXJV 31/12/2010 Castromil,S.A.

13:30 14:45 Vigo-Pontevedra-Santiago-Ferrol (Por Pontedeume y A9)
DLMXJVS 31/12/2010 Castromil,S.A.

15:00 16:18 Santiago-Ferrol (Por A9 y Fene)
LMXJV 31/12/2010 Castromil,S.A.

16:15 17:15 Vigo-Pontevedra-Santiago-Ferrol (Por Pontedeume y A9)
LMXJV 31/12/2010 Castromil,S.A.

16:30 18:37 Santiago-Ordes-Betanzos-Ferrol
LMXJV 31/12/2010 Castromil,S.A.

18:00 19:15 Vigo-Pontevedra-Santiago-Ferrol (Por Pontedeume y A9)
DLMXJVS 31/12/2010 Castromil,S.A.

19:30 20:48 Santiago-Ferrol (Por A9 y Fene)
DLMXJV 31/12/2010 Castromil,S.A.

21:00 22:15 Vigo-Pontevedra-Santiago-Ferrol (Por Pontedeume y A9)
DLMXJVS 31/12/2010 Castromil,S.A.

Estos horarios son meramente informativos y pueden estar sujetos a modificaciones.
Para mas informaciĂłn : 902 29 29 00 -
If you´re riding the FEVE along the coast, it will drop you right in Ferrol, after you leave Lugo. No need to backtrack on the bus, unless that´s what you want to do. Catch the train in Oviedo about 1 p.m., take the long, lovely ride all along the coast, and you´re in Ferrol by sundown. You can set out the next morning fresh.
that´s how I did it, anyway.

Hi Rebekah,

The plan is to return from Santiago de Compostela to Paris via FEVE from Ferrol to Bilbao then ESKOTREN to Hendaye and TGV to Paris taking about a week (depending of how much time we have).

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Rebekah Scott said:
Must be the latent sysledexia.

You know about the agnostic dyslexic insomniac, don't you?

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