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Cafe Casino - food, drink and rest


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As an 'elderly' woman who travels alone bars can be daunting, my favourite place ever for relaxing over a drink and, an unsolicited, tapa is the Cafe Casino in Santiago. I think it's no smoking as there is never any smoke, they have lovely cumfy seats, the ambience is kind of art deco and as they serve tapas it only takes a few glasses of wine to get a really good snack.
They do a 'Menu del Dia' at lunch but there are probably more exciting places to eat.
They also do gooey cakes and ice creams in the afternoon as well so it really is a bar for all seasons. I love it and can't wait to go back.
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Re: food, drink and rest

Hi Sue,

I agree. Cafe Casino is a nice place...

A bit more expensive, but nice chairs if you are not in a hurry :)



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Cafe Casino, my favourite place as well.

There's no place like it to enjoy a nice cold bottle of cava(Spanish champagne) at the end of the camino. Makes me feel great and every friend I have invited have felt the same.

It was a well kept secret...

@ Ivar: IMHO the prices are not different than other places around the same area of the city.



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Gracious and elegant the Cafe Casino is a perfect 're-entry' point. The service and ambiance are that of a long established club and you are made to feel as if you're a fully paid up member the moment you walk through the door. Though we couldn't match the cafes old world elegance.... we did go and change before going in for a celebratory drink!
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I will simply express my hearty agreement with other posters. The Casino Café is one of my favourite spots in Santiago. It is best to take a window seat, if one be available, or a seat outside if there is no rain (Chove in Santiago, as Lorca wrote, and Luar de Lubre sing), and catch up with the pilgrims you passed in Cacabelos or wherever.

The wood carvings are most singular and worth a look-- the gargoyle-making spirit has never left Spain. I became dangerously fond of the hot chocolate with orujo and it was just as well that I had to leave Santiago to return home...
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On a similar tone, but a little more lighted and bright, is my favorite: Bar Derby. When I finish walking I always sit down in there for an ice cream and make up my list of people to phone with the news. Great people watching!


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I can't believe I've missed both of these - they seem like a lovely alternative to where I've been celebrating the end of a camino (plastic chairs outside Suso). Where are these awesome places?

lynnejohn said:
I can't believe I've missed both of these - they seem like a lovely alternative to where I've been celebrating the end of a camino (plastic chairs outside Suso). Where are these awesome places?


You could spit on the doorstep of Cafe Casino from Suso if you were so inclined. Just a few doors down Rua do Villar on the same side of the street.

Derby is a short walk in the opposite direction. From Suso, cross Praza do Toural and walk towards Fonte de Santo Antonio (the main road). Cafe Bar Derby is on the corner. Great service. Decent prices (no special price list for unsuspecting pilgrims).

They're both very nice, traditional places.

Personally, I prefer a bit more 'everyday/honest' sort of style from a cafe/bar.

Prices are very confused always in Spain. Just because you're in the posh bit of town doesn't mean the prices will be expensive. You can often pay more in places that look cheap than you pay in places like Cafe Casino.

On a completely different note; you can curretly get a kebab for €1.99 on Bautizados. That's more my style.

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