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CF in Spring 2021


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I walked from SJPDP to SDC in summer of 2016 and want to do it again. First planned it in spring (March/April) 2019, then 20, and now it's 21. All because of my job. I've read, though, that 2021 is a holy year and there will be many more pilgrims. I have a couple of questions to all who walked CF during a holy year. How crowded is it going to get in March/April in a holy year? Are crowds bigger just for the Sarria-CdS part, or the entire route? I am concerned about the availability of beds... Any comment/advice will be welcome.
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Shalom and Greetings from Jerusalem! I walked during the last Holy Year 2010, doesn't mean much for the next one since the Camino is even more popular today. Back then the Camino was especially busy during Holy Week, over Easter, and those days just before and just after, Burgos, León and Astorga were packed, Monte Gozo even more like an army barracks. The final100k from Sarria was also very crowded. You are correct there will be many more pilgrims but today there are also many other and new lodging possibilities. No one had cellular phones back then satellite device but now you and everybody around you may be able to book ahead as you walk, Springtime on the Camino is marvelous as you see the bare vines in Navara sprout into full-blown vineyards as you walk along, the appearance of wild flowers on the hillsides including the protected primavera primrose, town/village gardens all are beautiful with tulips and wisteria. One suggestion, plan your itinerary by the guidebooks but stop just before the recommended stations-should all the recommended daily lodging in the town/village alberge offerings be completo pilgrims will mush on and not turn back. This may require a shorter day from time to time but will save anxieties. March/April is also snail collecting time, especially in Navara. You will see the locals out on the Camino and closeby with big plastic bags full of them - those lucky snails crossing the asphalt will be left behind since they are considered inedible. You will find them in your salads and your soups. Something to forewarned. Buen Camino
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Hello fellow pilgrim!

Take a look at the statistics of the last holy year.
I walked it this year, b/c the next possible date for me would be in 2021.
But after I researched and found out that this will be a holy year, I tried everything and managed it to walk this year.

I think the numbers will possibly increase to more than 500.000 pilgrims in 2021.
As long as I can interprete the numbers from Jan. to June they will receive more than 350.000 pilgrims this year.
Despite the fact that I have walked in the not so crowded hot July and mostly not stopped on the mentioned stops of some guidebooks I wassent away 2 times in albergues.
This possibly will happen very often in 2021, if you walk in the most crowded seasons of spring or fall.

I would try to avoid to walk in a holy year.


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Le Puy to Santiago via the Frances 2012-2013. EPW2015
Aragonese & Frances 2016
Burgos to Muxia 2017
One solution, take a small tent and sleeping pad.


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CF(2012) Le Puy/CF (2015) Portugues (2017) Norte (2018) CF (2019) VDLP?
You can also walk a camino less traveled. You could walk the VDLP or the Norte and I am sure at that time of the year you will have a much better chance that it will not be packed although there is less infrastructure. Especially on the VDLP. The Norte is really beautiful.
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I strongly recommend avoiding the Camino Frances between Semana Santa (Holy Week) and early October 2021. This will be the peak season for the Holy Year. Accommodations of all kinds will be scarce. However, if you will walk or cycle the Camino Frances during that time, reserve ahead whenever possible. Leaving finding a bed to the classic walk into a village to seek a bed at most alburgues is likely to be difficult, disappointing, and frustrating.

Perhaps the two best planning sites for accommodations are and IMHO, the best guides include the Wise Pilgrim Guides and the classic Brierely Guides.

Hope this helps.

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