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Cheapest way from the UK


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I am planning on walking the camino this year with my dog, I am looking for the cheapest way to travel there fromantic the uk...any suggestions please? Can I travel to France first or...?

Thank you in advance


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I don´t know how much you have thought this through, but taking a dog on the Camino is not really very fair on him/her. It is physically demanding and tiring, lots of walking on all sorts of surfaces means sore paws, and there is bound to be trouble as you pass through local dog´s territories. Some pilgrims have had to give up their Caminos because of their dogs. I know this is not the advice you asked for. Sorry!


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Walking dogs on the Camino is not usually a good idea, the animal suffers, and the owner struggles to find any places that will let them in. But a handful of people manage to do it, and look after the dog. Really check this subject before you go. You may need a tent.


It depends on where you plan to start.

SJPdP ... a common start point ... is connected to Bayonne by SNCF train.

A Chronoplus bus connects Biarritz airport to Gare Bayonne.

There are flights from UK to Biarritz.
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Hello @Gemz, welcome to the forum.

I can't advise you on the issues relating to your dog, but the usual ways of travelling cheaply from the UK involve a budget flight to Biarritz, Madrid or Bilbao and then using buses and trains. Some people take ferries to e.g. Santander. I also recall a recent post about National Express coach travel to Bayonne, so that might be worth investigating.
It really depends on where you're starting from (in the UK) and which Camino you are planning to walk.


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Looking at your question and the answers provided so far, maybe it would be helpful for you to talk through your plans with someone. Depending on where you are in the UK there are local groups that bring together people who have walked the camino and people like you who want to do it. I help to run a group based in Manchester. If you go to the CSJ site (www.csj.org.uk) there is a link to help you find a contact.
I hope this helps

PS When I walked Camino Del Norte last year I met a man from Italy (Marco) who befriended a dog (Chico) while walking! He did find that having the dog caused difficulties but for him walking with the dog made it worthwhile.


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Last time I went to my local airport - which is Luton for me - I can use a local bus and my pass which saves a bundle of money. From there I took a low cost flight to Bordeaux (my pack was small so fitted in overhead locker) where I caught a train to St Jean (had to change somewhere but cant remember where but it was really easy). I got a nice hotel overnight in Bordeaux for about the same price as a cheap B&B in the UK and it was right next to the train station where the airport bus stopped. Did the whole one way trip for around £70. Easy and really stress free...
Coming back was a bit more stressful and expensive as I hadn't booked a return flight so this year have made some changes -
Am flying into Madrid (as I am not starting from St Jean this time)with a return ticket as buses are plentiful to and from there. The buses in Spain are reasonably priced, comfortable and they also serve many places on the Camino making Madrid an easy place to get to and from. I am also going from my local airport but my outward flight is to early for local bus so expensive Taxi is called for - but no hotel required so overall the price is around the same. I also booked the return flight from Madrid at the same time to avoid the stress of last time and the flight was also small change. I can always buy another ticket if need be.

Alex Smith

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I am planning on walking the camino this year with my dog, I am looking for the cheapest way to travel there fromantic the uk...any suggestions please? Can I travel to France first or...?

Thank you in advance

Hi, I'm travelling by train from the North of Scotland to St Jean next Wed.
An overnight stay in London, then an overnight in Paris means a total of 54hours between home and SJPP.
However total cost comes in at under£190 and I get to see a lot en route.
Might be worth a look if you have plenty time to get there.

Devon Mike

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I have met people walking the Camino with dogs, but they have to carry camping gear because in Spain dogs are not allowed in Albergues, hotels or any accommodation. They also have to hire cars as dogs are not allowed on buses and trains except for small dogs in a box.
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LOL. Seriously, given the cost of accommodation in the UK this is probably the most expensive option Rachel. :)
It may not be as bad as you think - sounds like she'll need a tent. But, yes I was being obnoxious.


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I am planning on walking the camino this year with my dog, I am looking for the cheapest way to travel there fromantic the uk...any suggestions please? Can I travel to France first or...?

Thank you in advance
Where in the UK are you and which Camino do you want to walk? Flying with a dog is complicated and expensive and getting back home from Santiago with a dog is extremely complicated because they are not allowed on public transport (if they are small they are, but have to be in a carrier). So realistically your best chance would be to take a ferry from the UK. But again, how do you get the dog back home?

Unless it is a service dog that you really need to have with you at all times, leave the dog in the UK, book a cheap flight for yourself (~3 months before departure is normally the best time) and enjoy your walk.

Buen Camino, SY

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