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Chinchas update


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Last night we spent the night in LeonŽs refugio, Santa Maria Carbahal Benedictine Sisters. The Bedbugs were so bad that they said they would not open today so they could fumigate and take care of the problem. When we arrived, we had to take everything out of our backpacks and spray it with bugspray... they were using the stuff by the bottlefulls.

Even so, the man below my bed woke up in the night under attack. He was bitten and caught the little bugger. Over the next 4 hours of no sleep, he managed to corral about 6 BIG bedbugs... it was horrible.

Two nights earlier, we found bugs in the bed and promptly packed up and walked an extra 7 km to a hostel, where I awoke around midnight to a bite and turned on the light to find a bug in my bed.

Upon arriving in Astorga today by bus, I checked with the hospitalitero here about their situation. No bugs, but he insists that this is a HUGE problem all along the Camino right now and that everyone knows... the refugios, the alburgues and the government and all are trying to solve the issue.

Between the Bedbugs and having to disinfect everything for the 3d time, getting bitten, getting food poisoning, which a lot of people are also getting right now, and now shin splints from the extra 7 km at sunset, IŽm about at the end of my rope. IŽm not sure if I will continue.. IŽm just worn out.

anyway... thatŽs the situation right now. The bugs are all along the Camino. Those who are allergic have horrible reactions. Those who are not allergic donŽt mind the bites more than a mosquito bite or less. So the opinions are wide ranged and varying. I am in the CAN NOT TAKE ANOTHER BITE group. hahahahaha

Buen Camino, Pilgrims.....
(cackling loudly)
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There appears to be a problem with bed bugs right now on the Camino. I finished my Camino on Monday last in Fromista and I hope to return and complete to Santiago next June.

I too was asked to empty my rucksack and dissenfect everything but it happened in Castrojeriz. Some people decided not to comply and stayed instead in Hostals. I was not personnally bitten but I met many pilgrims with arms and legs ravished by bugs.

However this was but a small discomfort and did not detract in any way from the wonderfull feeling that I got from participating in something so wonderfull as the Camino.


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Men and Women

Wow, you are really lucky John, that the bedbugs caused you so little discomfort. I have seen people with the skin literally hanging off of their legs from the reaction and people with welts the size of a half dollar or larger.

For some weird reason, the bugs seem to pester women more than men, although I have seen a few men with horrible bites.

I´d say you are very lucky! I´m glad you had such an awesome Camino!


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Dear all

What kind of bugspray do I need to carry along to spray on my rucksack and clothes. I have purchased a liquid with brand "Autan" with 20% DEET . I was told that it was good enough for the applying it on person. I am not sure if I could apply it on the rucksack

All help would be appreciated


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