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Christmas decorations .... ?

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Just idly wondering (hey! - where did the 'religious topics' section go?) .. just idly wondering about Christmas (you can tell it is quiet here) and whether or not anyone incorporates the Pilgrimage into their decorations ...

yes, it is a while away yet .. in England we still have to get through the newly Americanised Halloween or, for me, All Souls Eve, then, on November 5th we have 'Bonfire Night' when we let off fireworks and burn an effigy of a chap named Guy (guido) Fawkes .. which is actually a symbolic burning of the Pope .. not for Catholics ... history is that Catholic Fawkes and friends stored a vast pile of gunpowder under the Houses of Parliament with the intention of blowing up the government and King and then, in the vacuum, reintroducing Roman Catholicism with a Roman Catholic King .. he was caught because he warned a relative not to attend .... soooo, his effigy is burned but he represents the Pope and Roman Catholicism (and in at least one town in England they still burn an effigy of the actual Pope rather than Fawkes) ..

so .. we still have to pass that as well ..but Christmas stuff is already in the shops and the tv adverts are gearing up.

Personally I absolutely love Christmas, apart from the symbolic religious significance (yes pagans, symbolic) I love the whole fantasy of it and the wide eyes of children and the softness of parental love and so on - fab .. and Carols? love them .. get quite emotional ...

so, does anyone incorporate any religious or symbolic items from the pilgrimage to the tomb of St James into their decorations?
As well as a few baubles I hang up a few scallop shells sprayed gold and silver - no reason, I just like them ..
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where did the 'religious topics' section go?
It was not used much so I removed it (all post were moved to the " Miscellaneous Topics" section). I also removed another section recently.... I think it is good to do some house cleaning once in a while..

I will lock this thread since it is not really Camino related...

Greetings from sunny Santiago,
Not open for further replies.

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