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Coming up with threads for iconic images

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Camino Frances, 2015
In another thread there was a very short discussion about places that are iconic and would have many pictures taken of them. @Viranani wrote: I thought of starting a thread to allow people to post their pictures of iconic places. It'd show us just how connected we are!

I like that idea but before it happens I suggest we organize it just a bit. We could break it down by stages, perhaps Brierley's. And each thread could have a common title and an individual sub-title, perhaps like "Iconic Images: St. Jean up to Roncevalles", "Iconic Images: Roncevalles up to Zubiri", etc. Each thread could be started off with some boiler plate to help search engines find it and suggestions as to what to add. When a new stage is added the first post could be edited to include a link to the next thread.

I like the idea that you post images that you think others will also have and the challenge is get a set.

Anybody have some ideas for the introductory text that would be useful? Any other ideas?

P.S. This was the "short discussion":
Camino(s) past & future
Francés ('14/'15)
St Olav/Francés ('16)
Baztanés/Francés ('17)
Ingles ('18)
I was thinking of something a lot more chaotic, Rick.;)
What you suggest is great but it also sounds like a lot of work.
There are a few things you see photos of over and over, because they're 'photogenic.' And it'd be interesting to know how we all see them.
My 3 suggestions:
The lone tree on the meseta:
The Cruz de Fero:
And that very cool house with the pines just before Villafranca:


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Camino Frances, 2015
OK, I'll go for chaos.

I don't have a match for your pictures (except a lousy snapshot of the Cruz de Fero.) Let me add two fountains, the Moorish one at Villamayor de Monjardín and the fountain of wine at Irache.
moorish-fountain-at-monjardin.jpg wine-fountain-at-irache.jpg


merely labeled
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Camino Frances SJPdP - Santiago (April/May 2015)
Hmmm not too sure about Fromista-Carrion de los Condes but can match the other two.

image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

Then there's the fountain (singular as we took the scenic route via Linquin):


And I'll add the tree (with arrow) in Triacastela:

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Camino Frances, 2015
Turns out I do have a halfway decent picture of the Cruz de Ferro. And I'll add here my tree picture that matches that of @Viranani that she posted to the pictures section of the forum. And I'll top it off with a picture of the old chestnut tree in Ramil that @Wokabaut_Meri added to this thread. And yes, the pilgrims are in front of the same tree.
cruz-de-ferro.jpg trees-on-ridge.jpg old-chestnut-tree.jpg


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I would definitely add this one, which I use on my blog header so it is very familiar to me. But I have recognised this same view from many pilgrims' images, at different times of year. Reaching the rise of the incline that opens up this view must be a real 'wow' moment. Between Nájera and Santo Domingo


Camino(s) past & future
Francés ('14/'15)
St Olav/Francés ('16)
Baztanés/Francés ('17)
Ingles ('18)
Well, this is fun!
I didn't go past the wine fountain, but here is the well at Monjardin. IMG_7376.JPG
And another tree from Triacastella. There are some huge chestnuts there! Viduedo-Saria (86).JPG
And I can't match your pic, Magwood, because my experience of that part of the world was very different! IMG_7450.JPG


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Bit off topic...but does someone remember this elevator leading to nowhere? Somewhere around Hontanas...very weird to say the least.

Camino(s) past & future
Francés ('14/'15)
St Olav/Francés ('16)
Baztanés/Francés ('17)
Ingles ('18)
Nice! I like how the foreground frames that house, Magwood, and your daughter alone with the cross and her heart.
I'll have to try again and again to get that view, though...
I missed the elevator, too.
Have to go back, definitely.
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances, 2015
Bit off topic...but does someone remember this elevator leading to nowhere?
I think I may have photgraphed that too. I was averaging 60 to 70 pictures a day and was taking pics of all sorts of things, including sheds. I lost most when my SD card snapped. Sheds and other weird things weren't backed up.

Anyway, I have two more definite icons and one that might have some matches.
Icon 1) Cuesta de Matamulas just before Hornillos del Camino
Icon 2) Refugio de Montana (Tomas' albergue)
Picture 3) Entering Pamplona
cuesta-de-matamulas.jpg refugio-de-montana.jpg entering-pamplona.jpg

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