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Cost of pilgrimage and more...


dont know about the 1euro per 1km!!
my cousin did it from puy-santiago(abit less then 2000km)(in 2004)
and he only spent 400euro in the 2 months he was gone!!

you ppl got to think of how they done this 500+years ago wit almost nothing!!

so i say BEANS WINE and BREAD for food!!!
so you can survive on 10-15euro per 30-35km!! :wink:

i did the appalachian train last year was gone 6 months guess what?
130cnd for the bus to get to georgia
400usa in food and ness (thats about 1$ per 5 miles) :shock:
and we didnt eat any wild life :p(fish squirrels...)
and i whent to india in 03 for 6 months total coast 1000$+airfare!! :shock:

so i think you ppl r nuts talking about 1000euros just to walk eat sleep!!

peace on earth war in outa space!!

William Marques

Staff member

Yes it can be done more cheaply if you cook for yourself and donate next to nothing at the refugios.

The 1 euro per Km or 25 euro per day comes from giving a decent donation say 10 euro at the refugio (remember many are based on your charity and if you can afford to give others who cannot will not have to), 7 euro for your Pilgrims Menu at the local Bar/Restaurant and 8 euro for coffee in morning and tortilla etc for lunch plus a little left over.

If you are bugeting it's better to have a little left over than to run short.



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Thanks for your input santos. I think how much money you spend on the way is up to each one. Some need more and some need less, in the end a personal thing.

Greetings from Santiago,


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Toulouse to St Jean

Hello Santos,

If you still want to travel from Toulouse to St Jean, here is some info on the buses.

Gare Routière Voyageurs 68/70 boulevard Pierre Sémard
Tél : 05 61 58 11 26
Fax : 05 61 61 55 89

- Adresse Email :
Renseignements : Syndicat des Transporteurs de Voyageurs FNTV

67-68 Boulevard Pierre Sémard
Tél : 05 61 61 67 67
Fax : 05 61 61 67 62

- Site Internet :
Renseignements : Accueil et permanence téléphonique du lundi au vendredi de 8h00 à 19h00, le samedi de 9h00 à 13h00 et de 14h00
à 18h00, le dimanche de 10h00 à 16h00.
Attention : La gare (Hall autobus) est ouverte, tous les jours, de 5h45 à 21h30
Av. Tarragona, 42
Tél : 00 376 803 789
Fax : 00 376 867 884

- Adresse Email : - Site Internet :
Prix : Aller 28 €
Aller/ retour 54 €
Renseignements : Cet autocariste assure la navette entre l’aéroport et l’Andorre (Correspondances avec arrivées et départs)


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Budget for the Camino Frances

Hola Santos,

The E1 per 1km covers
± E5 per day for the albergue.
± E3 per day for breakfast.
± E5 per day for lunch.
± E10 per night for dinner.
Over a 33 day walk this will amount to ± E700. A pilgrim might allow extra for a couple of cokes, a beer, or wine, chocolate, or fruit along the way.
However, I am sure many, many pilgrims manage on less.
Most albergues ask for a donation of between E3 and E7. If you walk for 30 days and give a E3 donation each day, that will cost you E90.
If you only buy bread and cheese and only drink water you shold be able to manage on E10 a day - E300.

PS: In the middle ages most of the 'hospices' allowd a certain weight of meat and a certain quantity of wine per pilgrim. There are very few albergues today that will feed a hungry pilgrim!

Buen camino peregrino - I think you will be fine with E400!


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A whole new way

Thanks for your posts Santos!
Because of them, and the responses, I learned a lot!
Although I'm not a fan of beans... :::chuckle:::

I guess it's a matter of letting the Spirit speak to you when it comes time to leave a donation.

My entire trip is being financed by donations, so I understand their importance. I will do my best to pass on the generosity of my patrons.


Merci beaucoup sillydoll!
pour ton info sur les autobus

after reading more and more
and my innner voice is telling me
that i need to see lourdes :shock:
and learn more about the story of it
maybe ill get cure from all my evil bad cuss! :wink:
by drinking the water(hope it dont make me sick)
so now iv got a few new questionss!

1-did any of you`ss never been lourdes?
1.b-is it worth to go see or it big no no?
1.c-anyone ever walk lourdes to st-jean-pied-de-porc?
1.z-how many miles(km) should a man walk to get there? :wink: (lourde-sjpdp)
2-do the nice albergues have all the utilities neeeded for cooking food(pots stove)?or i would need to bring a pot wit me? (i need to eat my 1min oatmeal)
3-ok this is not realy a question its just that i pack-up just to see how my bag would fill on my back it about 35lbs :shock: its about 25% of my body weight(im 130lbs-140)iv only got what i need this is all in there.
1-pants 2-short 3-t-shrits 1-shampoo 1-aid pax 1-hiking stick 1-extra pair shoes 3-p sox 1-smellin stick 1sunglass 1-cup 1-1l water and my tent and sleepin bag! you say why the tent it cuz just CUZ :wink: !! and it still 30-35 lbs what should i do?and no!! im bringing it :p


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I split this post up just as Sil was posting a new message. Her post ended up in the wrong place, so I post it this way here:

I went to Lourdes in 2004 as a detour from the Via Turonensis.
The Lourdes complex is well worth a visit but don't be disappointed with the town itself - it is like a Mary and Bernadette Disneyland! The main street has wall to wall souvenir shops with the faces of Mary and Bernadette on every souvenir ever invented - tea towels, key rings, cups, glasses, dish cloths, cushion covers, sweet papers - you name it, there is a Mary or Bernadette picture on it! Across the river where the grotto is, its more like the campus of a well run university.

You can walk from Lourdes. Check out Peter Robins' web site as well as these:

I will post a pilgrim's story to your private mail.


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Thank you Ivar! I get lost in some of these posts!


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