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Credencial in Sevilla


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I am in Sevilla (JW, oh yeah!) and what a beautiful city! I need to come back and see it much much more slowly. Anyway, I start walking tomorrow and I have been unable to get a credencial in the 2 spots near my hostal.... the cathedral and the office by the Imaculada. I will go to the amigos del camino office this evening and hopefully they will be open and hopefully they will have some. Meaning.... plan ahead. I wonder if it can be ordered from here. I was really wanting to get mine at the cathedral.
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I got a credencial in Sevilla from the cathedral office which is open at times which might appear odd but are normal in Spain.
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Hi there,
I will also be starting from Sevilla (in 3 weeks :p ) and will be in Seville from Saturday afternoon 31st May. Does anyone know if the Cathedral will be 'open for Credentials' on a Sunday?

If so, what hours?

Kind thanks, Grace


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I'm not at all sure of the opening hours of the Cathedral office especially at weekends. I think you should go there as soon as you arrive in Sevilla if you are anxious about this. BUT the CSJ guide of three years ago says " enter the Cathedral Office by the Puerta de la Campanilla open 11- 14 and 16 - 19 hours Monday to Friday only" Simlarly the Amigos office is also not open at weekends.

You will be able to get a credencial at albergues along the way - in this situation especially on the VdlP I think it perfectly viable to make your own then insert it or staple it to a more "official" credencial when you get one. I know that others will counsel that there is a general tightening up on the use of the many and varied credenciales there are around - mostly to stamp out tourists using albergues - particularly on the Camino Frances. However I don't believe you will have any problems getting access to albergues on the VdlP using something on which to collect sellos before you attach it to another Credencial.

But with three weeks to go - why not e mail the Amigos Office and ask them to send one to you asap?

Best of luck


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