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Curfews in Albergues?

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I noticed someone commented on albergues closing at 2300. I just thought I would ask whether this is a common practice. On the VDLP last year I never found a curfew-most of the time I collected a key from someone (nearby caretaker,bar,petrol station) and was left to come and go as I pleased and left the key in a box when leaving in the morning. Obviously things are different on the VDLP where it was just me and another boke most of the time.
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yeah that's one of the things i had trouble adjusting to on the Frances. Most of the albergues expect u to be inside and quiet at 11pm..sometimes even 10.

Considering i usually did a 2-3hr siesta in the afternoon it was always bloody hard to fall asleep at 11


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Pilgrims seem to fall into two different camps on the camino.
Pilgrims (like me) who arrive at an albergue, wash clothes, shower and go out to buy food; eat early and crash by 7pm or 8pm.
Others arrive at an albergue and siesta for a few hours -go out to eat at 8pm or 9pm and come back wide awake!
I am hoping to do the siesta-stay-awake routine this time. :shock: I want to see the stars at night. I want to be awake to see the lights of Leon Cathedral when they switch them on at midnight (will have to sleep in an inn or hotel because there is a curfew at the convent).


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Most of the albergues have a 10pm curfew. If you're not in at that time you sleep in the street One albergue - Sahagun I think - had a 9.30pm curfew. Some of the private ones are not quite as strict. Zubiri's private albergue has an after-hours coded keypad so you can come and go as you please.

Most people are in bed and asleep well before curfew time - even with a siesta, and they start getting up at 5am. Now that's something I found very difficult to accept and tolerate. The Ventosa albergue bans pilgrims from getting up before 6am. In fact you have to agree to this before signing in. Very civilised.

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You learn something every day! On the VDLP I never came across a curfew in any of the albergues-not that it's a bad idea I suppose. I like the idea of stopping people getting up before 6am. Why do these early risers think its ok to wake every one else up with their damn plastic bags. I used to leave about 8.30-waiting for the light-why walk in the dark? Strange people.
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