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Distances between hostels


New Member
Hi, just wondering if there is a website detailing the distances between hostels along the route from St Jean Pied de Pont. Thanks!
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There are so many different places to stay. I think the first stop after St. Jean is about 24ish kilometres, but after that there are very few big gaps between refuges. I think Sillydoll has a list of refuges... Oh, and the camino office in St. Jean also do a list.
Distances between refuges

There are a number of good websites that list the refuges along the different routes.
One of the best is the one I wrote about the other day where you can plan your daily stages and print out a schedule of your walk with all sorts of info attached to it.

The other is Grant Spanglers' excellent site which has just about everything you could want to plan your camino: transport links, weather, mileages, albergues, maps, 27 and 32 day schedules etc etc.

Mudicamino is also a good source: http://www.mundicamino.com

Peter Robin's site is another: http://www.peterrobins.co.uk/

In Spanish, but still excellent is: http://caminodesantiago.consumer.es/

I'm sure that these will keep you going for a while.
Happy surfing!
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There's a very nice private albergue approx 5,2 km from SJPdP. It had just opened last summer, brand new, excellent meals, awesome view from a terrace next to the dinning room. The nice French hospitaleros at SJ had called ahead and made a reservation for me the day before.

It was the second time that I walked that route. It was easier for me that time, having splitted that tract instead of going straight on to Roncesvalles.

After Honto, there's the refugio at Orisson, more rustic. After that...Roncesvaux :lol: BC :arrow: xm 8)
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Silly: godesalco.com is fantastic!!! thanks for the superb tip! The generated profile is really important to us, as we are biking and it's good to know what kind of altitudes we have to overcome on any given day. Thanks a million!

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