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Some of the refugios ask for donations. Please could I have some suggestions as to what is a fair amount to donate, I do not want to be mean but have to plan my spending sensibly. I know the CSJ say be generous, and I am very happy with that but I would still like to know what is an acceptable donation.


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In the CAMINO , every day there are fewer ALBERGUES with donation. They have already a fixed price almost - ´Donation under my point of view 4/5 Euros per night.-


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Thank you for all your suggestions, I am sure it is better to be generous if it is possible, especially if the people running the refugio are trying hard to make the stay a pleasant one.
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I would donate 3 to 5 euros depending on the place.
Once I gave 20 because it was a church and the priest was especially kind to us, giving us a special mass and a very nice soup dinner and I knew they needed the cash.

Just follow your heart.
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I usually gave 5-8 euros and, when I saw pilgrims departing without leaving a donativo (sometimes discussing their cleverness as they did so), I would round it up to 10. I think that it is reasonable for relatively prosperous pilgrims to self-tax a bit, as many pilgrims are travelling on very limited budgets, and albergues depend on the donations.

William Marques

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Whatever you can afford. Students may not have much money so cannot afford much but if you are well paid employed person 10euro seems to me to be a very small amount to pay for a night's rest and remember those who can afford to pay more make up for those who cannot afford to pay much.


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I usually gave 5 or 6 which was what I usually spent each night on the Camino. If we got dinner, I added 5 more, 3 more for breakfast (if I ate it). But as all the others said, go with your heart. It depends on the place.

Buen Camino,


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