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dual stix, a camelbak and hydration


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in a walk on the mountain this morning, one of the to-be-pilgrims with me, had 2 trekking poles and her water was in 2 x 1litre bottles in the side pouches of her pack
after the walk she complained of dehydration
because she was carrying the stix in both hands, she was too preoccupied to stop and take out her bottles for a drink
?do you think a good set-up will be 2 stix and a camelbak bladder (handsfree) which will allow systematic sipping and prevent dehydration
all advice welcome

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You still have to stop and drink water.
I personally think anyone who's too preoccupied to drink simply isn't thirsty enough to stop and drink, but that's me...
Don't worry Tamtamplin,
Your friend is just not used to her gear yet but the more often she uses the poles the less 'preoccupied' she'll become. And after that mountain walk I guess she's now very much aware of keeping up her water intake-she just needs listen to her body and stop and drink and it's good she's learning that now rather than on the way.
Actually in the first week or so before we got into our walking pace we both repeatedly told two little lies these were either of the lets pause 'to enjoy the scenery' or lets pause 'to have a drink' variety. Of course both requests often also meant 'oh God lets just please pause'. We both eventually 'copped on' and 'fessed up' to what we were doing and to the fact that, for us, those little 'pauses' were something we needed-especially at the start.
It was often as we slumped at the side of the path taking a swig of water that we spotted something beautiful/interesting in the immediate micro environment, caught an elusive spring scent or heard a animal call that we would have missed by just tramping past.
I also noticed that 'water breaks' are sort of premissive and that when we 'stopped, propped and swigged' other pilgrims would often stop and do the same or at least pause and have a few words in fact it was how we struck up quite a few Camino friendships.
I guess all I'm suggesting to stop, sip and savour as often as you can :) .

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