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  1. KariannNor

    Water Quality on the French Route: Can You Drink from the Tap/Sink?

    How is the water quality at the Frence route? Can you drink from the sink or do you have to buy bottles?
  2. James van Hemert

    Surprisingly excellent (and inexpensive) equipment successes--shock corded water bottle and towel

    In the year of planning for my Frances Camino pilgrimage I read the many threads on this forum and carefully curated and gathered my gear. I considered this and that, weighed everything, tossed some things out, changed things out, and finally, at 8.3 kilos I was ready to walk out the door and...
  3. Jan Jones

    How much water is ‘plenty’ on the Hospitales?

    I am Australian and so have a reasonable understanding of the importance of adequate water When hiking.. However, I was a tad alarmed to read a comment, elsewhere, from someone who walked the Hospitales last week which says they carried 5 litres and still ran out before Berducuedo (they did...
  4. K

    Water bottle tube adapter availability in Europe

    Would like to leverage this type of water system vs a bladder on the Frances starting from SJPDP on April 10, but I cannot acquire one before I leave the US. Can such a thing be purchased in Spain post arrival? I will be in Europe for 2 weeks prior to starting the Camino, so if I could order...
  5. R

    VdlP water

    What's the best/safest way to fill the water bladder on the VdlP? I have previously bought 2 litre bottles to fill the bag. Advice welcome please.
  6. M

    Water on the Frances Camino

    Do many people use the water bladder in their packs? I was thinking of getting the1.5 liter bladder (170G) and caring a 850 ml bottle also (which i already have). Thanks for your input!
  7. K

    How much water to carry?

    Hello, all, I'm beginning the Camino del Norte around Irún around 19 August and walking for about two weeks. Through this section of the Camino del Norte, how much water should I plan on carrying with me between fountains and towns? In the heat, walking, I can go through one liter per hour, I...
  8. Rambling Priest

    Advice on Heat

    Hello! My family (two fit older teens and my wife) and I are heading out to begin the Camino Frances planning to start on this Friday 15 July in SJPP. The heat, of course, looks brutal. We're New Englanders, and it's been a relatively mild summer here so far. We've hiked in the White Mountains...
  9. SirRon

    Water Discussion (I thought you might like a laugh)

    I was working in my office last night. (Okay work is a stretch. I was on the internet) My wife walks in and she asks me a question and then she sees on my note pad I have scribbled "Water Bottle or Hydration Bladder" Besides those words, not much else was on the note pad besides poorly drawn...
  10. DaveO

    Worth carrying a water filter?

    I’ve got a sawyer squeeze I’m thinking of bringing but wondering if it’s a waste of time…are there water fountains regularly along the route? Say every 10km? I’d rather not carry more than a litre at a time
  11. davebugg

    A Guide to Effective Water Filtration

    This guide is meant to be a broad overview of the issue of water safety and treatment while walking. This will be especially applicable for those with immune systems that are compromised by virtue of medical treatments or disease. Due to word length limitations, and personal interest in the...
  12. J

    Water Filter?

    I'm leaving for SJPP in two days and think that I'm well prepared after planning for several months. However I haven't been able to decide whether or not to bring a water filter. I'm hoping for some last minute insights from others who have done the CF before. Normally when I backpack in the...
  13. creamcitys

    Tap Water or Bottled Water?

    Is it safe to fill bottles with tap water or is it better / safer to buy bottled water along the trail?
  14. S

    Aqua para beber- drinking water

    When we walked in 2012 I used all the fountains found throughout the Camino. Usually I assumed it was good for drinking, filling up water bottles. Is this still the case? Does anyone have any reason to do otherwise? Thanks, just thinking ahead…
  15. K

    Water availability Sarria to Santiago

    Hi, please can you tell me the availability of water refill opportunities on the stretch from Sarria ? Trying to gauge how much we need to carry with us. Starting 30th May 2022. Thanks
  16. CaminoKatie

    Ingenious (to me) water bottle solution : )

    Not being a fan of water bladders, nor of having to reach around to pull my water bottle out of my pack's side pocket, I came up with this idea instead. (Please note that you can buy something like this on Amazon for $25, except that folks complain it doesn't always fit the lids of their water...
  17. F

    So this is what dehydration feels like

    Not on a Camino at mo (where I always down enough water), but in Mexico and doing loads of walking each day. Say 25k just strolling about! Water for sale everywhere butI know I can be a bit lapse! Not anymore. Huge temperature change night to day here and I’ll at a football match in third and...
  18. L

    Drinking water sources

    We have read that the fuentes along the Camino are a safe source for drinking water, are they? We are trying to avoid plastic bottles accumulation and stomach issues. Thanks
  19. F

    Water sources on the Camino del Norte between Gijon and Santiago de Compostela

    I am not generally concerned about water in Spain... and I am *really* not worried as I move along the coast on the Norte this spring, but what happens in the spring run-off season when I turn southward to SdC from Gijon? Even where I live, in Canada, because of ranching on the higher ground, I...
  20. Hiawatha

    Bottle vs Bladder

    When bushwalking I use a bladder , while trekking a bottle . Both have advantages and disadvantages so I decided to combine both . A bottle with a bite valve , easily made in a few moments using rubber bands a bite valve from a punctured bladder I had and a generic disposable water bottle ...

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