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  1. senora1

    Is tap water safe to drink in Portugal?

    I’m leaving in 11 days for my CP. I live in California and would not drink tap water unless it’s filtered however I remember drinking from plenty of fountains in Spain. Is it the same in Portugal or should I plan to just buy bottled water? TIA
  2. SFHiker

    Water, water...

    Hi all! Starting the Frances route next week in SJPDP and was wondering how much water do most people carry? I'm an avid hiker/backpacker and usually carry at least 2 liters. More from a fear of running out and not being able to refill than actually needing that much! Thanks!
  3. Mark Greenwood

    What Size Water Bottle/s

    Hi just a few weeks to go now, and my bag is more or less packed. I've decided not to take a water bladder, but to use bottles instead. So my question is, bearing in mind that a litre of water is a kilogram in weight plus its container. How much water do you experienced pilgrims carry and in...
  4. G

    Drinking water @hotels

    Hello, I tried searching the forum threads but didn’t seem to find anything on topic. I plan to stay in hotels for my Camino next year and, unlike albergues which likely have pantry areas with complimentary drinking water available to pilgrims for refills, hotels may or may not provide...
  5. Frogatthefarriers

    Which water?

    Like lots of folks that are planning to on Camino, I’ve been watching (lots of) YouTube camino videos. Quite a few have clips of people getting water from wells or drinking fountains. Now I know that water is a major consideration on Camino and particularly the VDLP, so I was wondering how to...
  6. BrendanRoach

    Hydration pack or water bottles?

    I am doing the Camino from Leon and was wondering if I should get a hydration pack for my backpack? I was thinking No! but then I wondered if I could refill drink bottles with water about every 5 klms. In that way, I do not need to carry a lot of water (weight). So, are the drinking fountains...
  7. N

    Equipment question!

    Hey! So I’m doing the costal Portuguese route for the first time this august, and was wondering, do I need trekking poles? And what are ppls opinions on bringing a water reservoir? I’m traveling for Europe for 2 weeks after the Camino, so I want to pack lightish but also be prepared for the 2...
  8. Robo

    Water Sources. Fonts, accommodation taps, bottled water

    We often get questions from those planning their first Camino about water sources and water quality. And after my most recent Camino, it got me thinking. And others might want to share their thoughts, experiences and logic. Let's not get side tracked on how much water to carry....... That's a...
  9. KarinaH

    Alert! Betanzos water issue!

    Heads up regarding a water issue in Betanzos! Their water is currently not drinkable, and they have parked a giant water truck in the main square for locals and visitors to get clean water. Because of this, water stations are not functioning from before Betanzos almost to Presedo. Leaving...
  10. KariannNor

    Water Quality on the French Route: Can You Drink from the Tap/Sink?

    How is the water quality at the Frence route? Can you drink from the sink or do you have to buy bottles?
  11. James van Hemert

    Surprisingly excellent (and inexpensive) equipment successes--shock corded water bottle and towel

    In the year of planning for my Frances Camino pilgrimage I read the many threads on this forum and carefully curated and gathered my gear. I considered this and that, weighed everything, tossed some things out, changed things out, and finally, at 8.3 kilos I was ready to walk out the door and...
  12. Jan Jones

    How much water is ‘plenty’ on the Hospitales?

    I am Australian and so have a reasonable understanding of the importance of adequate water When hiking.. However, I was a tad alarmed to read a comment, elsewhere, from someone who walked the Hospitales last week which says they carried 5 litres and still ran out before Berducuedo (they did...
  13. K

    Water bottle tube adapter availability in Europe

    Would like to leverage this type of water system vs a bladder on the Frances starting from SJPDP on April 10, but I cannot acquire one before I leave the US. Can such a thing be purchased in Spain post arrival? I will be in Europe for 2 weeks prior to starting the Camino, so if I could order...
  14. R

    VdlP water

    What's the best/safest way to fill the water bladder on the VdlP? I have previously bought 2 litre bottles to fill the bag. Advice welcome please.
  15. Mikey - camino

    Water on the Frances Camino

    Do many people use the water bladder in their packs? I was thinking of getting the1.5 liter bladder (170G) and caring a 850 ml bottle also (which i already have). Thanks for your input!
  16. K

    How much water to carry?

    Hello, all, I'm beginning the Camino del Norte around Irún around 19 August and walking for about two weeks. Through this section of the Camino del Norte, how much water should I plan on carrying with me between fountains and towns? In the heat, walking, I can go through one liter per hour, I...
  17. Rambling Priest

    Advice on Heat

    Hello! My family (two fit older teens and my wife) and I are heading out to begin the Camino Frances planning to start on this Friday 15 July in SJPP. The heat, of course, looks brutal. We're New Englanders, and it's been a relatively mild summer here so far. We've hiked in the White Mountains...
  18. SirRon

    Water Discussion (I thought you might like a laugh)

    I was working in my office last night. (Okay work is a stretch. I was on the internet) My wife walks in and she asks me a question and then she sees on my note pad I have scribbled "Water Bottle or Hydration Bladder" Besides those words, not much else was on the note pad besides poorly drawn...
  19. DaveO

    Worth carrying a water filter?

    I’ve got a sawyer squeeze I’m thinking of bringing but wondering if it’s a waste of time…are there water fountains regularly along the route? Say every 10km? I’d rather not carry more than a litre at a time
  20. davebugg

    A Guide to Effective Water Filtration

    This guide is meant to be a broad overview of the issue of water safety and treatment while walking. This will be especially applicable for those with immune systems that are compromised by virtue of medical treatments or disease. Due to word length limitations, and personal interest in the...

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