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  1. Damien Reynolds

    Spanish equivalent of mums or emergency-c

    Greetings from Gernika! Looking for the Spanish equivalent of powder or tablets that you put in your water to add electrolytes. Mine ran out already! What are they called and where can you find them? Any help would surely be appreciated!
  2. BrianLCrabtree

    Coping with heat on the Camino

    How do pilgrims handle severe heat on the Camino (35-38 C, 95-100 F)? Aside from the usual precautions for hydration, frequent breaks, lightweight clothing, etc, what other precautions do you take? Do you start the day earlier to finish earlier? Walk shorter distances on very hot days? Take a...
  3. Robo

    Carrying Water - Water System Options (video)

    I'm sure this will create a lot of debate :) What 'system' do you prefer? Do you have others to share?
  4. TaraUltreia

    Drinking water availability on the VdLP

    Hi All, I drink a LOT of water when I'm hiking. It's not unusual for me to go through 2 or more litres a day. On the Frances it used to be a bit more difficult to find water but now there are so many cafes and albergues (as well as many fountains) that I can refill as I go along. What is the...
  5. G

    Taking water on the coastal Portuguese Camino

    Hi all I am really new to this forum and so thankful I have found it. You are all wonderful people, especially Ivar who runs it. I will be walking the Camino Portugues with my husband next year (we are ~65) and he is adamant we should do the coastal route even though I have heard that there...
  6. t2andreo

    Hats and shade... The definitive post...

    This is a frequent subject in the forum. Every summer, when the really hot dry weather comes to northern Spain, and indeed all Spanish pilgrimage routes, the subject arises. Recently, with the serious heat wave across all of Europe and much of Spain, this discussion has taken on a new urgency...
  7. Julia Mumford

    Water bottle or Hydration Pack?

    I am just curious if you guys prefer a water bottle or hydration pack? I have always carried a hydration pack for my Camino's but I have just noticed that my current Osprey one looks a bit grubby, so I need a new one. Or should I swap to a water bottle? Pro's and Cons? Thank you.
  8. notion900

    Packed lunches, people!

    I have read a few threads and had some conversations recently where people walking routes off the French Way for the first time were genuinely surprised that you can't get breakfast, second breakfast, lunch (and presumably afternoon tea with scones and crumpets) and frequent ice cold water...
  9. C

    How Much Water are People Carrying and Drinking?

    I was told agua no es gratis en Europa. Es verdad? How are people carrying water and re-supplying? How much water are people drinking each day? Estoy en Florida. Today I walked with my backpack and nearly three liters of water and ran out. Got more though. Water really affects gear and...
  10. jo webber

    Surviving in the Heat

    After reading the Hot, Get a Hat thread I decided to post a bit of information on how to survive a heat wave or just heat one is unaccustomed to. I have lived in the desert for 55+yrs, where summer temps reach 115F on a normal summer day. Last year we had a person die almost every weekend from...
  11. VNwalking

    Walk well and safely in the heat, brothers and sisters of the road!

    To all our forum friends out there right now, a heartfelt wish for cooler weather! Heat is not to be taken lightly: This is a tragic and unnecessary death. For general information...
  12. Nancy walker

    how much water to carry?

    Hello wise pilgrims of the forum :-) I am due to start my pilgrimage from SJPP to Fisterra on the 22nd September. I am from the north of England, therefore I will overheat in the land of Spain more easily than most.... I also drink a lot of water. I have a 1 litre platypus and a 2 litre...
  13. kdespot

    How did you carry your water?

    Could my experienced peers please share with this Camino virgin ideas about how you carried your water? I'm preparing for my first walk from SJPP and I've just about figured out most of the logistics, but I can't get a wrap on this one. I prefer to not use a CamelBak. How do you carry your water...
  14. MaidinBham

    Water Filter on Camino Portuguese?

    Sorry if this question has been asked before. I tried to use search function - maybe not doing it correctly or I need new lappy, or new web browser! On my Camino Frances in the mountains I became very ill - spent 3 days off the trail, and several days after with poor appetite. I think it was...
  15. Joodle

    Water bottles or water bladders??

    Can I get a few opinions on carrying plain old water bottles or using a water bladder. I tried putting a water bottle in each side mesh pocket, but I can't quite reach to put the bottle back. I would have to take off pack to get a drink and put bottle back. I guess that can be a good thing to...
  16. Philla

    Hydration bladder ?

    Hi all, Newbie on here and just looking for advice from anyone who has walked the camino on using hydration bladder or bottles ? Do the hydration bladders need cleaning and do you need cleaning materials or is it just a case of rinsing out at end of day? Also is there plenty of places to buy...
  17. Thao

    A few questions...Water filter, sandals, rain prep

    Hello all, My name is Thao from Las Vegas, NV USA and I'll be walking the Camino Frances from SJPP to Santiago beginning April 5-7. As the title suggests, I have some quick questions I would love to get advice about. 1. Did anyone bring a water filter such as a Sawyer filter? I figured I could...
  18. HikingGeo

    Water Bottle Holders

    Any new creative options for attaching the water bottle(s) to the backpack straps or to some location where you can easily reach them? I'm thinking I would rather do .75L bottles than have to pull the bladder out of the backpack to refill it. Google has provided few viable options. Thanks...
  19. Margaret Butterworth

    Drink enough water!

    It is easy to become de-hydrated without realising it. This weekend there was a 100 km Oxfam fundraising marathon in Perth. A man in his 30's collapsed and died in 33 degree heat on Day One. Others suffered through lack of water. They couldn't carry enough water and ran out between checkpoints...
  20. JAL

    Carry water bottles on front of pack: How-To.

    Last year, I made a simple system for carrying my water bottles on my packstraps. I didn't want to carry a bladder and this lets me drink without taking my pack off. To drink, snap the bottom cord off, drink, replace. Leave the top cord in place to drink. This system is made of a few feet of...