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El Corte Ingles eat there or not to eat there


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My wife and I went to do some shopping at the "El Corte Ingles" in Santiago this weekend, and while there we stopped by the restaurant on the top floor.

Ok, so the El Corte Ingles is not in the tourist area (about 20-30 minute walk from old town). But if you are in Santiago and want to do some "shopping", El Corte Ingles is a good choice.

Regarding their restaurant, I was not really impressed. It was expensive (not a surprise, it's El Corte Ingles) but the quality and the quantity served was under-par. I ordered "El Menu" for 9 euros. I got:

Primero: Caldo served in a coffee cup. :shock:
Secundo: One piece hamburger paddy + fries from one big or two medium potatoes.
Postre: Yogur

... I almost left hungry.

I talked to someone that used to work at El Corte Ingles earlier today, and she said that the employees there do not eat there. But there are several good places across the street from the store.

In short, El Corte Ingles for shopping = Good there..naahh my opinion.

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Afternoon Ivar,

I have been to many, many El cortes all over Spain but have never eaten in one. I wouldn't eat at a department store in Britain and in Spain there are so many restaurants with character and good value home cooked food to choose from.

We did nearly consider eating at the bar in El corte in Lisbon whilst suffering from Tapas withdrawal, my partner reeled me in though. It is quite surprising that considering the quality and price of the food they sell in the supermarket they aren't showing off their ingredients in the restaurant. Shop and eat locally I say and save the hypermarkets for furniture, clothing and white goods.

best wishes

spacehopper :lol:

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