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⚠️ Emergency contact in Spain - Dial 112 and AlertCops app

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Pilgrims on the Camino should know how to get help in an emergency.

112 Emergency number

Dial 112 to contact emergency services in Spain (ambulance, police, rescue team, fire fighters). Dialing 112 is the quickest way to get help in an emergency situation where no time must be lost. You do not need to be connected to the internet and you do not need a Spanish SIM card on your phone. You will be able to communicate in English.

112 is the one number you need to know for all emergencies, even though you may also see references to other emergency numbers in Spain, such as 062 (Guardia civil, which has local patrols on parts of the Camino) or 091 (National police).

112 works in Spain, Portugal, France and all the other EU countries. It is the European equivalent to 911 in the USA or 999 in the UK.

The operator at 112 will ask you for details of your situation to determine your needs. If you cannot provide an address for your location, they will guide you through the process of finding this information on your smartphone and sending it to them. How this is done will depend on your phone and on the apps that are installed. (In Spain, the most widely-used messaging app is WhatsApp.)

Sexual assault

Pilgrims are urged to report all cases of sexual assault, including exhibitionism, to either 112, local Police, or Alert Cops.

AlertCops app - For use only in Spain

AlertCops is a smartphone application that is available for Android and iPhone. It was created by the Spanish law enforcement authorities to provide an additional platform for Spanish citizens and for tourists in Spain to contact the emergencies services to ask for help or to report incidents such as physical aggression or theft and other concerns:

You must have an internet connection (mobile data and/or Wifi) in order to make use of AlertCops. The app can transmit voice, text, pictures and your location data. You can download the app and set it up to be ready for use before your trip. If you change your phone number (for example with a new SIM card) you will need to re-install the Alert Cops app.

For a more detailed description, go to the AlertCops website, click on your language choice in the top right corner and then on Functionalities. There are buttons to report (by calling or in chat mode) situations such as aggression, vandalism, animal abuse, or being lost. Here is an example of how one pilgrim usefully reported a burst water pipe on a remote route.

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The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.
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