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finding someone to join me at Leon in May/07 for the Camino



My name is Carole. And I am thinking of starting my camino in Leon in the beginning of May. I am looking to do the camino with another woman - for safety reasons. I am 50 years old and can do 15 - 20 km a day. My question is there someone who is interested in doing this with me?
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leon may 13


Thanks for the invitation. That is very good of you.

I have not purchased my airline tickets yet. Because of the heat in Spain I was originally thinking of leaving Canada on May 1st and returning home before the last week of May. I am a pretty easy going quiet person so I get along with most people.

I must say that I am happy to read that there are groups out there willing to adopt me - the camino strikes me as a place of faith and courage good cheer with a dash of despair thrown in.

I have no understanding why I want to carry all my belongings on my back and live in hostels that would be rated by most tourist critics at -3 but the attraction to be part of the hostel pilgrim life is very strong.

I have been hiking in the Gatineau hills with my loaded backpack these days and I know I can do around 15 - 20km a day. I know that some days I may have to exceed that distance by a bit but I also know I can do it with a group egging me on. I am no racer but I also understand that to avoid the heat I will be motivated to get going early.

I need time to think over and discern if I mid-May is the time to go.

Keep in touch and let me know how you ended up with your group.

thank you again for your response,

Ian Holdsworth

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:D I am a priest of the Church of England. I walked 400 miles of the Camino last May/ June. It was the experience of my life. the weather was just fine. A start at 6am means that you get the greater part of the walk over before it gets to the hottest part of the day. As to your uncertainty about why you want to do this- Someone once told me that the Camino chooses you not you it . It is your turn. :idea: I have offered my experience to the wider Church and this has led to the formation of a group.


Hi again

I have never meet a good priest that wasn't restless and stubborn. You sound like you love God's people and have a forgiving heart. Being Christian for me is a humbling experience - not because it is a mostly a secular world but because of the hurt and pain inflicted daily in the name a Christianity or some other religion. The only response I can give is to try to live my life fully with an awarness to be kind to everyone. Not that I am good at it - but practise helps.

I am a Catholic - but I returned to the church (ten years ago) after an absence of 25 years. Since then my life has been one daring adventure. I have done my cursillo, gone on (Fr. John Main) silent meditation retreats. Last year I was very moved by a retreat done by a Francisan and a woman Anglican priest. Whereever the spirit is invited is where I want to be. And my heart tells the camino is messy - and I have never been in a messy situation that didn't produce moments when a group becomes fully alive and we behave like the people God intended us to be. I have no expectations that this will happen but if an opportunity presents itself I hope I will have the energy to go with it. Because it is never easy and never what I planned to do.
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Reply to Carole

Hi Carole, don't be worried about walking alone, the Camino is very safe. I walked from Roncesvalles to Leon this year, and had no safety issues at all.

I'm also walking from Leon in May next year. The timing is still a bit vague as I want to visit Avignon and Lourdes before going to Spain, and am toying with the idea of walking from Lourdes to Pamplona. But again I might go directly to Leon from Lourdes.

Hope I'll see you along the way.



Thanks Trudy,

I think you are right.

In the next couple of months I will finalize when I will be there and then things will fall into what it should be.

I am a strong believer of the buddy system - two heads or more are always better than one.

Gatineau Gypsy


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I just returned last week from doing the Camino from SJPP to Santiago alone. I had celebrated my 49th birthday the day after arriving there with tons of newly found friends. Alone? Never. You are alone as you want to be. The better acquainted with the language the less alone you will be. I remember preparing for the journey and feeling fear and trepidation about traveling in a strange country with limited knowledge of the language. TRUST the Camino is what I came away with. TRUST the Universe is what hit me between the eyes. The journey begins the moment you make the commitment to go. My new friends came from Switzerland, Brazil, Canada (lots), France, Germany, Korea, and of course Spain. No fears....simply trust. Prepare your bag with quality equipment and clothing (high tech stuff truly is the best), walk, walk, and walk some more.

I wish you the absolute best!

Buen Camino,



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Finding someone to walk with

Jacqui - you can't be finished already! Wasn't it yesterday that you were anxious about getting to St Jean? I was so pleased to read your post and that it all went well for you. Well done miss rock 'n' roll!
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