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flight destination in spain from london

Dawn of a new Day

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hi there, well it is done. (the flight to london is booked)now my question to you locals.
As i arrive into Gatwick at 9:30am, and would need to transfer to the stanstead airport.
I could catch a 6pm flight to bilboa, arriving at 9:10pm.
(then bus to irun the next day)
Or i can catch the 3pm flight to Santandor arriving 6pm
(then bus to irun the next day) Flights to biaritz only once a day at 12:15.
i prefer not to back track, looks like it may be necessary.
Are there flights from London to Pamplona, i didn't see any. Can anyone suggest any alternatives.Flights to Pau or Bordeaux????
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You can fly to Bilbao or Vitoria(Ryanair) or you can get to Pamplona by plane via Madrid or Barcelona but it is more expensive and also takes longer.
Bilbao and specially Vitoria (wich is only 1h30m away) are well connected with Pamplona by bus or by train. You can also fly to Biarritz but, even being at similar distance, it is a little more complicated to get to Pamplona from there, probably because it is in a different country.
And if you cannot get to any of those destinatios, and before going to Santander wich is rather far, you can also go to Zaragoza, at two hours by bus from Pamplona.
I think that is all

Dawn of a new Day

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sorry about the confusion,guess up to early this morning. my final destination would be Irun to walk the camino norte., the biaritz flight leaves at 12:15pm. i am looking for something later in the day, so if you have any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Dawn, I sent you a PM info about British Air flights. I wasn't sure of your dates though.
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Hi Dawn,

Little tip: if you to Irun by train....don't get out at Irun but take the next stop at Hendaya and get out there.(just a few minutes)
Walking out of the trainstation of Hendaya you go to the right and after a few hundred meters you'll see the Pont of St.Jacques (Puente de Santiago in Spanish). Crossing that bridge is the start of the Camino Norte and after the bridge you are almost in Irun already.
Don't miss it.....

Have fun!


Wonderful, Dawn, the Camino del Norte is beautiful :D

You got plenty of time to enjoy it, walking it peacefully, no human massification (yet), taking in the breathtaking views by the shore, and more.

Where are you planning to begin it?

I started it at Irun a couple of years ago. At the time, there was a very nice albergue there, but this may have changed.

Then, for reasons only known to the Camino and yours truly, I quit it, hopped on a local train, and retook it as the Camino Primitivo from Oviedo. When I reached Lugo, I took a bus to Ribadeo, and via the end portion of the Camino del Norte, I arrived into Compostela.

Kinda crazy, eh!

I'm at a point (wonder how you, being a "fellow Caminos addict," feel about this?), where I feel so at ease that I have no problems in "custom making" my Caminos, ye ye, for me.

Affirmative, the north way (is a) bit longer than the camino frances.

i walked to finistere in 40 days. [/b]

From Santiago? Sounds like a loooong time :eek:

Buen Camino :arrow:


Dawn of a new Day

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xm, thanks for your posting.
I saw pictures of the camino norte and i knew i had to do the route. I am fortunate to be starting on may 5, i have 32 days for walking it returning to canada on june 10.
The albergue is still the same in irun, a local lady did the trail last year.
Interesting comments on your journey.
When i did the Camino frances, there was NO WAY i was getting on the bus, even the 14km sidewalk into burgos , or the 7 day walk across the messeta (WHICH was Spectacular) i walked from finisterre to the lighthouse 3times, all on foot, it wasn't until i had to return back to santiago for my flight that i got on a bus.
Interesting this trip, it is what it is, will 32 days be enough, i am not sure, however i know if i see terrific scenery, or i want to hang out on a beach for afew days then yes it is ok. and it will be ok to get on a bus. I will see what comes my way,.

40 days to finistere. Well it could be like paul coeho book, were he walked in circles for one week. No i started in ST. JPP and continued to finistere with an extra day in leon and santiago,.
When are you getting back on the trail???
have you heard of the camino Francigena??


Hi Dawn.

Thanks for clearing up the “40 days” Comp-Fisterra question!

Though…what a great idea to spend that time in between Santiago and Fisterra…That Camino is pure magic, a perfect, refreshing, cool, ethereal, ending, to the long roads from the Pyrenees.

Seems to me that 32 days is more than good, great I’d say, for the Camino del Norte. Pilgrim crowds a lo Camino Frances will not be an issue! You’ll love the beaches. I’m one who believes that it’s important to incorporate the “tourist” in us as we do the Caminos, to enjoy nature, meditate, to take time to stop and talk with folks as we pass though their lands, not just fellow pilgrims, as well as smell the flowers, converse with statues and…

I didn’t do enough of that on my first Camino. I was too busy thinking, among other things, about getting early to the next albergue so that I would make sure to get a bed! Imagine that! Ah, but I’ve learned since…

A friend of mine talked with me about doing the Via Francigena some time ago. Sounds like quite an enterprise. I'm too hooked with Compostela-related Caminos these days. Wonder how long this addiction will last?

Yes, that albergue in Irun was something else. It was really a 3-4 bdr apt., very well kept and clean, with a bit of a distance to the Camino, not bad. Matter of fact, it’s been the only refugio I’ve stayed at lodged in an apartment setting…wonder if there are others?

I’m shooting to get back on the trail towards the beginning of June from Lescar, French portion of what turns into the Camino Aragones, on to Somport and Puente. I've never done that French portion of the Camino, so am excited about it.

Buen Camnino :arrow:

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Dawn of a new Day

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32 days

hi xm

i am presently looking at a spanish guide book for the northern route and it seems like it would take a minimum of 30 days. i won't be so anal on this trip, there is always the bus.
i certainly enjoying talking with the locals, that is why i speak spanish (somewhat anyway) it changes the trip when we can talk to the locals.
It is great meeting people from all over the world too.
I didn't RUSH for the bed, nor did i take the time when i saw a beautiful site, (to just sit and enjoy) thought of it several times on the messeta, however i was with great people. (not like i wouldn't catch up) Lesson learned.
if you need more info about the francigena i have a contact.
How long will the get hooked on camino be, hm.... well i am on my second year.
I hear the french camino is terrific and quite different than spain.\\
so where on this planet are you located??
I like your interest: retire and become an expat of spain!!!! AH to have the opportunity for cheap airfares. Canada has the land not the people hence higher airfares.
\enjoy your day



Yep, am keen on the idea of retiring to Spain in the near future. Love the place & the people. Once there, among other things, I plan to become more involved with Camino-related associations, etc. Southern Spain, i.e. Winters are pretty tough for me, presently hailing from a semi-tropical refuge, Miami. All I know about the French country-side are: the general area around Vezelay, Chartres (with its awesome cathedral, located right smack on the Camino), and SJPdP-Roncesvalles, all truly beautiful. I hear that the section am planning on walking the C. Aragones this summer from, Lescar, is quite attractive aswell. A portion of it includes a national park, prior to arriving to Somport, what else can one ask for? Ah, ye, my Camino "addiction" (there should be a better term but for some reason this is the first one that comes to mind) has been going on for five years. Like I said, don't seem to shake it no how. BTW, how did u get involved in "this mess"?

Buen Camino :arrow:


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