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Forum Tips - Your account

C clearly

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For background about Forum Tips, see here. This thread will be devoted to understanding the Your Account section of the forum software.

To access Your Account, click on your Username at the top right of your screen, and you’ll see a dropdown list of options.
Account dropdown.JPG
A few hints follow...
  1. First a note on username. Pick a name that will be your public identity on the forum. In public posts, it is best to refer to people by their chosen username, even if you happen to know their real name, perhaps from private Conversations. Internet privacy is important for some members.
  2. Click on your username to go to your Profile page. Under Privacy, you can control who sees the details on your Profile page. Note that there is a blue bar with 4 separate tabs, including
    • Profile posts – Sometimes people post here when it would be better to post on another thread or send you a private Conversation. (Profile posts are like public conversations between 2 people.) I think you can delete their posts on your own page. In Privacy, you can choose to disallow posts on your Profile page.
    • About – This is based mainly on information you’ve provided here in Your Account. Anyone can see who all your followers are.
  3. News feed - Posts by the people that you have chosen to follow, if any. Your can view Your News feed more conveniently under What's new on the top blue banner [Mobile phone: Hamburger menu at top > What's new > Your news feed]
  4. Account details- This is an important page. Here, you can change
    • User name (This change goes for approval by Ivar or a moderator before it takes effect. Once changed, all of your past and future posts will show your new name. Your old name will remain in any quoted text in the posts of others.)
    • Email address and email Preferences
    • Avatar and nifty profile banner
    • Custom title – Tired of being a ‘New member’? Change your title, but please nothing too crazy.
    • Other optional information about you that will show on your profile page, depending partly on the Privacy controls you have selected.
    • Year of a past or future Camino - This is a way to reduce spam accounts. In the past, we could list our Camino history here, but it occupied a lot of space. Now you can only provide that list in your Signature. Members who already had that list still have it, but they are encouraged to enter just one year (maybe last Camino or next planned one) and move all the details to the Signature. If you enter a year here now, any previous listing will disappear. I have demonstrated that!
  5. Privacy - There are various privacy options. One interesting one is whether you want people to be able to know exactly what thread you were last seen viewing.
  6. Signature - This is where you can provide your blog URL and list the routes and dates of past and present Caminos. Just keep it to “three lines tall” when it appears under a post. (That is Forum Rule #11.)
  7. Account upgrades - Another important page! It is where you can make your donation to help support the forum. There are several options. Scroll to the bottom to see when your current status as a Donating Member expires.
  8. Following - You’ll see a list of the members you have chosen to follow, and you can unfollow them here. Their posts will appear in your News feed (see note 2 above). You can see who is following you by going to your Profile page, clicking on About, and scrolling down.
  9. Ignoring - These are the people who annoy you enough that you don’t want to see their posts. I’m not sure of how effective this is, since I have never ignored ANYBODY (yet). I am not aware of any way you can see who is ignoring you, although I was able to guess in one case!
If members decide that they would like their forum accounts deleted, they should send a message to Ivar with the request. After deletion, all of their posts will remain, but they'll be attributed to "Deleted member ###".
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How to add a banner to your profile

If you don't know what a banner is here's an example. You can see a member's banner when you tap or click on their user name.


To add a banner to your profile go to your account by clicking on your picture at the top of the page. Then "account details"


Then scroll down to "profile banner" under "avatar." You can upload a picture there.

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