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John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
This guide is one of the ones that has been around for over 15 years. Updated yearly. Please read the reviews.
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Freqency of Hostels and Public Transport


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Have done a few bits of the Camino Frances - and a bit of Camino del Norte. ( Roughly a week every year since 2009)
I planned to walk for about 5/6 days in early September. However I hurt my leg and may only be able to walk for a short time each day. I have the Guide by Alison Raju. It shows distances between villages/points of interest. It only shows where Refugios are though. So my first question is - is alternative accomodation readily availalbe at most points along the route. And secondly is public transport available from most points. ( I dont want to find myself completely stranded with my dodgy leg....) And finally - might as well throw it in - can anyone recomend 5/6 days easy walking ?( with the above in mind ). I has originally planned to start in Pamploma. I have a few days on either side of my 5/6 days so I can be pretty flexible about where I start/finish - assuming I can get public transport easily.... Thanks in advance
John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
This guide is one of the ones that has been around for over 15 years. Updated yearly. Please read the reviews.
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Hi, I arrive in Pamplona September 3 and have to take my plan back Sept 14 from the same city. I checked the buses, there are a lot, at different hours from different places, I don't think it will be a problem.
I haven't done the Camino yet so I can't advice on the easiest parts, sorry.
Godd luck and buen camino
Year of past OR future Camino
2002, Toulouse/Aragon 2005, Cami S Jaume/Aragon 2007/9, Mont Saint Michel/Norte/Vadiniense 2011, Norte/Primitivo 2013, Norte/Primitivo 2014. Norte 2015, Cami S Jaume/Castellano-Aragonese 2016
Certainly, both the Pili Pala Press guide & map, and the Confraternity's Guide, list all of the accommodations, including hostales (pensions) and hotels as well as the albergues & refugios. The best website for listing this is Mundicamino, if you can work your way through the Spanish (not too hard, if what you need is the list of accommodation). Most points on the Camino Francese have buses in or out, but often only once a day, and sometimes only on Saturday (market day). However, taxis can be easily called by a café-owner or hospitalero, if they are needed by a pilgrim who cannot walk further.

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The perspective from the ground for a pilgrim is the source of most of the great things about a pilgrimage, but do not lose the perspective that you can cover a day's walk in thirty minutes in a taxi! Even walking on a budget, do not let "I am falling behind" spoil even two minutes of the voyage. It simply is not possible to fall behind when you monitor your attitude.


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Just a PS for an 'easy walking' part of the Camino...

Well, some km after Pamplona is a really tough (and steep) climbing (and descending) to 'puerto del perdon'* and it might be quite "hard" if you have already a leg problem ...
If you choose to do it, take all your time, especially for getting down again.

Other possibility : get from Pamplona immediately to Puente La Reina (meeting point of Camino Aragones and Camino Frances - guess you know it) by some transport

Buen Camino, it must be great in the beginning of autumn...

*magnificent place with a really beautiful sculpture and a breathtaking round-view over the landscape from Pamplona till Puente La Reina...
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