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From far afield: Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela


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Hello Ivar

Would it be possible to create a forum for pilgrims who set off for Santiago de Compostella on foot from far afield?

I find that my pilgrimage from Trondheim/Nidaros to Santiago de Compostela (2010-2011) now resides in the forum, 'Other walks around the world'.

I am an intentional pilgrim not a walker and although I crossed over many frontiers to reach Santiago de Compostela, my pilgrimage was never around the world.

Every step from Trondheim/Nidaros was, for me intentionally to Santiago de Compostela....

Looking forward to your response...


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Thanks for bringing this up. In fact, we do have a tag to collect such threads, but we probably haven't featured them too well. On the Home page, click on Sub-forums under "Life on the Camino - Miscellaneous Topics" and you will see a collection called "Long Caminos - from home to Santiago." I have now added a tag to your thread that you reference (from 2010-2011). The thread will still reside in "Pilgrimages, walks and events around the World" in the Europe section, but it will also appear in the collection of "Long Caminos - from home to Santiago."

Coincidentally, the moderators have started reorganizing the sections on "other walks," so some threads will be moved and there will be some changes in sub-forum names, etc. We won't distinguish between pilgrimages and non-pilgrimages.

We (Ivar and the mods) have already chatted about your suggestions today, and we will also reconsider what words the tag and sub-forum name should use (e.g. "long," "home," etc.) to help everyone understand what the criteria are. (The words "around the world" were not meant to indicate circumnavigations of the world, rather that we are looking at all areas around the world.)

Thanks, and stay tuned!



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