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Hello everyone!
On May 9th we're flying in to Asturias airport, on our way to O Cebreiro to start our pilgrimage. I've heard the best thing to do is take the bus to Piedrafita and walk to O Cebreiro from there.
Now we arrive late and the bus goes the next morning so should we stay in Oveido or Gijon - where does the airport bus go to? Can anyone recommend somewhere to stay that's cheap and not too far from the bus station in either Gijon or Oveido?

Many Thanks,

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Starting in Oviedo

Hi Vicki,
There is a refuge in Oviedo - Albergue Municipal in Calle San Pedro Mestalión. Tel: 985 22 85 25 or you could stay in Hostal Arcos C. Magdalena Tel: 985 21 47 73
OR - you could try this link for all the Pensions/Hostals in Oviedo


Happy pilgrimage!
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