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guide book queries: Cadiz-Seville


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Hi there, can anyone help me with the following?

•What is the fastest way for post to be sent from Spain to NZ? Would it arrive in NZ within 2 weeks?

When I purchase a Cadiz-Seville guide book perhaps I could ask the Amigos to send it to me this way & pay extra for special delivery. I may have an opportunity to walk from Cadiz to SDC in about three week’s time. As I do not speak Spanish I intend scanning the 30 page guide book into Word, translating it using Tools, then print it out double-sided as a throw-away copy. I have a Spanish-speaking acquaintance who will compose an email for the Amigos and also tweak the translation to make it sensible.

•Has anyone out there viewed a copy of the Cadiz-Seville guide book? Does it have detailed maps or sketches of the route? Perhaps the Way Marking plus maps/sketches will be sufficient for me to reach Seville.



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lovingkindness said:
Hi there, can anyone help me with the following?
•What is the fastest way for post to be sent from Spain to NZ? Would it arrive in NZ within 2 weeks?

I can't be sure how long your guidebook would take, but as a guide, last year I posted my windjacket home from Estella and it took just a week to reach NZ. I am not sure what postage I paid but it must have been some kind of airmail. It seemed far too cheap actually, and I thought I saw "Iceland" on the lady's screen, so I wasn't even sure my parcel was headed for NZ..... so I was awfully glad to hear it had arrived. (As it happened, I had an awful lot of coldish weather until I reached El Burgo Ranero.... and wished I had kept the jacket with me!!!!)


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Lovingkindness - I've been thinking about your plan and I'm not entirely sure it will work. I recently worked with a translator translating an English guide into Spanish and there were lots and lots of words that did not translate easily. This is coupled with the fact that in English we use the word "road" to mean lots of things whereas in Spanish they have different words to describe different roads - main roads etc.

I've always found the Amigos in Seville to be really helpful it may be an idea to write to them asking if they have a member who can speak English and who is familiar with the route and then meet that person when you get there. A 30 page guide isn't huge and you could go through it with that person writing down in English some route finding information but more importantly where the beds, food and water are along the way.

You could of course do this with your Spanish speaking friend at home.

Best of luck - let us all know how you get on please!


William Marques

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I have done what you are thinking of doing in the past and combined the Amigos guidebook to the VdlP which had detailed map with Alison Raju's walking instructions which did not and the CSJ/Tourist Office guides which gave accommodation details. If you have the time it is an interesting thing to do and gives you a good idea of the route.

Although we have gone South from Seville we went our own route to Cape Trafalgar and we did not know a guide to that part existed (perhaps it did not then).



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