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  1. Peregrinopaul

    Travelling with a bike from SdC to Madrid Barajas.

    I’m frustrated that I can’t make up my mind about the best way to do this. In my original planning for my upcoming Camino in 2 months, I had simply assumed I would take the train - fast, fun, convenient and not particularly expensive. My mistake was assuming that I tick all the boxes because my...
  2. Tomasso

    All inclusive tour operators

    Cycling Camino Portugues Coastal. Porto to Santiago de Compostela Jun-Jul 2023 Our small group of four has grown to nine people. I was comfortable organizing accommodation, bike rental, and luggage transfer for four. With nine people on board I would like to give it to professionals. I am aware...
  3. Tomasso

    Cycling Camino Portuguese (costal variation) + Camino Spiritual

    I am organizing our first Camino for two couples, age mid to late 50s, all regular cyclists in a fairly good shape. We decided on Camino Portuguese (costal variation) from Porto to SC. Based on YouTube videos and other readings I came up with the itinerary below. Instead of going directly from...
  4. peregrina2000

    Second year for O Camiño Grande

    Another camino spin-off, this time a bike race into Santiago that goes through all four Galician provinces. According to the article, this will be the second year, so it seems to be on its way to becoming an annual event. It’s called Camiño Grande. I think it was last year that the rumor got...
  5. C

    Travel to SJPDP from Paris

    Hi All Travelling from Paris to Bayonne and on to SJPDP with a bicycle. I know I can book a through ticket but the connection time in Bayonne is quite tight. If I miss the connection due to delayed Paris - Bayonne train can I just hop on the next train to SJPDP? Also, I understand that the...
  6. G

    Mountain Biking from Lisbon to Porto (Central)

    Can you ride the whole route following the walking pilgrims and signs .... or are some parts just not possible to ride - even though we are prepared to push bikes. Thanks, Robyn, Napier, New Zealand
  7. D

    Cycling the Meseta in 2023

    Hello everyone! My husband and I will start our Camino in SJPP in mid-May 23. We have been wanting to complete this pilgrimage for so many years, and for so many reason :-). We are planning to complete the full French Way, and we are also bringing our 5 adult children over to meet us in...
  8. O'Neill


    Hi there! I'm planning on cycling the Via de la Plata, solo, off road, starting 21st April 2023
  9. Paul_L

    Preparation - cycling and leg strength

    We are doing a winter pilgrimage with our family starting mid-January. We are so excited, but I have a preparation question. Where we live in rural Australia is very flat. With near constant flooding, we haven’t been able to venture out to hillier lands to prepare, so I have done things like...
  10. Squeakypoo

    Camino Frances by Bike April 2023 (Looking for anyone interested in riding along)

    Hello, I am looking for anybody interested in joining me April 2023. Start day is flexible. If your interested post me a message. Route: Camino Frances My plan now is to take as much of the walking route as possible but ride the road when available. This will leave the trail for the walkers...
  11. G

    Two queries re biking on Portuguese Camino from Lisbon

    1 - Is a mountain bike with front suspension essential for this Camino? 2 - Can anyone suggest a place to stay about 70 km from Lisbon (in-beween the stage from Vila Franca de Xira to Santarem? Or is Vila Franca de Xira an essential stop (it is only 40 km flat biking from Lisbon). Thanks again...
  12. O'Neill

    A Newbie

    Hi all! I'm new to this Camino.. ie. I have never done one! Basically.. I'm female, 66, an avid cyclist from Ireland. Have done a few solo pannier unsupported trips within Ireland. I would love to cycle Seville to Santiago along the Via de la Plata on & off road, probably alone but am open to...
  13. G

    Hiring bikes in Lisbon but how to get them back from Santiago?

    Any advice on hiring bikes in Lisbon and how to get them back to Lisbon from Santiago; and also any advice on transporting extra luggage from town to town. Much appreciated. Regards, Robyn, Napier, New Zealand
  14. D

    Leon to Santiago

    Hi all my name is Dave . My son , grandson and I are planning to cycle from Leon to Santiago. We would like to take our own gravel bikes but we can’t find a way to transport the plastic bike box from Leon to Santiago and collect it 10 days later . Anyone out there done a similar thing we’d much...
  15. A

    Can I take my bike on the train?

    Moderator note: A new thread was created from this because this question is specific to bikes on trains Kitty, Sorry to jump into the conversation here. I'm going to bike the Camino Frances and fly into Madrid. Do you by chance know if you can take a bicycle on the train to Pamplona (which is...
  16. hecate105

    Getting to Spain a Problem!! Brittany Ferry Boo!

    I hope not too many pilgrims were planning to travel by ferry (supposedly better than flying i thought...) to Spain or Portugal..... We cycled from Lisbon to SdC many years ago. But - recently I tried to book the ferry from the UK to Spain to do another cycle trip (down the rest of the...
  17. klimmo

    Via de la Plata as a first time bicigrina

    Hi all, Planning my next camino, a bit different this time round, as I will be biking. I badly hurt my ankle in May and I can't walk long distances yet. So I'm embracing plan B and going for a long bike ride, starting early october in Sevilla. Any suggestions for a first time bicigrina? -...
  18. C

    Bike transport from santiago to Pamplona

    Does anyone have experience or suggestions regarding transporting a bicycle from Santiago to Pamplona? I believe the train can be a bit hit and miss and I have read horror stories of bikes being severely damaged when sent with correos. Any advice welcomed (other than riding it!)😄
  19. stevewarne

    Cycling the Coastal in May 2022

    My girlfriend and I cycled the Portuguese Camino from Porto to Santiago de Compostela. It took us 6 days and we finished on May 30, 2022. This trip report is for anyone who may be interested in doing the same. To frame this properly my girlfriend, Cheri, and I are avid long-distance cyclists...
  20. 1deniseB

    Bike &Walk the Northern Camino

    We will be biking the Northern route but I would like to walk part of it as well. Is it possible to get the luggage transport company to take my bike to the next stop?

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