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  1. Jerri

    Camino Frances 2024 Biker/Walker Accident

    We all know there are a lot of bikers on the shared Camino path. I was knocked over in the town of Villatuerta and had to return immediately to the US for treatment after destroying my Camino on May 6. I would like to urge all bikers to get bells or speak loudly when approaching walkers...
  2. C

    Bike rental options on the Camino?

    I’m leaving from Le Puy en Valey to SJPD and from there on to Santiago de Compostela. I want to walk more than I ride, but, from time to time I would like to ride 100-150 in a day.. maybe two. Is there a service that can return the bike back to where I picked it up??
  3. I

    Via de la Plata - Recumbent...?

    Hello, First time posting but as Google hasn't been helpful I was hoping others here might be able to help with an odd query. I am considering the Via de la Plata from Seville via Sanabres as my route by bicycle. More specifically, by recumbent bicycle (2 wheels at the front, one at the back)...
  4. D

    cycling from Santiago to Lisbon?

    Dear people, In April, we will cycle from Seville to Santiago de Compostella on our recumbent tandem. It will be our first time cycling a camino and we are really looking forward to it. After Santiago, we want to cycle to Lisbon (preferably via Fatima). But we're not sure whether this is doable...
  5. C

    Transporting Hard Shell Bike Boxes on the Camino de Santiago

    Hello everyone, My partner and I are planning to bike the Camino de Santiago (Norte) starting from Irun in late August. We're currently in the midst of organizing our trip and addressing logistics. While we've considered renting bikes, we're leaning towards using our own as they are...
  6. M

    Bike rental at Ponferrada

    Hi, Preparing my cycling pilgrim from Ponferrada to SDC, and realised how expensive the bike rentals are! Any advice on any cheaper rentals? Thanks!
  7. BillW

    La Vuelta 2024 route and the Camino

    Looks like the Tour de France will not directly stop in any Spanish Camino towns this year, although it may cross over with some of the GR routes for the French routes. La Vuelta (Spain's tour), on the other hand, does cross over in some traditional stops on some of the popular Camino routes...
  8. FriendsoftheNHW

    Cycling on the North Highland Way

    Friends of the North Highland Way now have cycling on the North Highland Way. Off road cycling that is. In Scotland we have core paths which are maintained by the local Council. They are not joined up and quite short in places. Our objective is to join them up and make the North Highland Way.
  9. C

    Bike tour from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela

    Hello, I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada My friend and I will arrive in Lisbon in the last week of April 2024. We are planning to bike from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela. The duration of the bike tour will be around 15 to 18 days with approximately 45km/day biking. We are both over 70...
  10. M

    Choosing the right part of the Camino

    Hello, next summer we want to cycle a part of the camino, somewhere between Bilbao and Gijon. But we don't know which part is the nicest. It shouldn't be too difficult, since we are riding with our two kids of 10 and 8, but we do love the scenery. Hope someone can help me pick the nicest part on...
  11. J

    Cycling the Camino Portuguese Interior (not Central)

    I have cycled the Coastal from Porto and the Central from Lisbon. Has anyone cycled the Camino Portuguese Interior from Viseu and was it ok?
  12. C

    Picking a route, coastal or central? October 2023

    Hello everyone, My name is Catarina & I’m looking to cycle (solo on self-guided tour) starting the first week of October for about a month give or take. I keep going back and forth on which route to take this time of year. I’m looking to start in the Lisbon area and continue north to Santiago...
  13. J

    E-bikes on the Camino Coastal

    We are doing our second ride of the Camino Coastal. Last year we did regular mountain bikes from Coimbra and it was brutal the first couple days. This year we are leaving from Porto and riding e-bikes. Just a question about mileage on a fully charged e-bike......I'm assuming on the flat or...
  14. R

    E-bike rental

    We leave for Le Puy in 4 weeks. One of the pilgrims has a knee “issue”. Does anyone know if and where we can rent an e-bike to ride to Conques? Will there be taxis or Ubers available? Thank you.
  15. D

    E bike Battery charging on the Plata

    Hi all. Looking for some advice. A friend and I are cycling the Plata in September from Seville to SDC. We are renting e bikes to help as one of us has health restrictions. The batteries are supposed to last for the day but we will likely need to recharge en route on some days. I was just...
  16. ivar

    🚴 Shipping bikes from Santiago service

    Hola bicigrinos, When I have completed my move to my new place in Santiago, I think I have space to do more with bikes... shipping bikes home for people for example. But since I am new to this, I have some questions. 1) Do pilgrims ship ahead their own bike box to use for shipping home? 2)...
  17. freefall

    Resources for Overseas (back to US) Shipping

    Greetings from Porto! I have flown with my bicycle from Boston in the US to Lisbon and cycled north on the Camino Portugues. Recently, I have taken the train from Tomar to Porto due to not being able to make the needed miles in the heat (93 deg F high since Lisbon) and am getting ready to head...
  18. Murk

    Hola from a bicigrino-to-be

    Hi everyone! In late August and September I will be cycling from Le-Puy-en-Velay to Santiago - first the Via Podiensis, then the Camino Frances (or rather adjacent to it, so as not to bother the walkers too much). I was hesitant to post here because I might be too much of the stereotypical...
  19. D


    A number of cyclists do not get that walkers are to given priority on the Camino. Many do not have a bell or use words to warn of their approach, often at frightening speeds. I met an older pilgrim yesterday who had been knocked down and ended up in a ditch. The cyclist then proceeded to...
  20. Rick Davidson

    Cycling the Via Francigena

    Just completed…June 29…the 10 day cycling itinerary from Lucca to Rome. 3 friends…mid 70’s. It was a great trip. Riding gravel was a new experience. No one fell…no contact with the ground, the road shoulders, speeding cars on the larger roads or pedestrians in the towns. Only 2 flats. We were...

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