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a new year present for all those who wish to discover a little travelled but spectacular camino. :)

partial guide, to be precise, from cistierna to cacabelos or ponferrada, for those who came on vadiniense and are not yet prepared to face the crowds of the camino francés.

it encompasses the new mountain route waymarked recently that can also be found on wikiloc. see this thread:

this is also planned to be added to the resources section, but it would really benefit from a first-hand terrain check first. the mountain sections were sometimes quite a challenge to write.
also, if someone knows of any more original (digitalised) sources mentioning pilgrims or pilgrim hospitals or routes used by pilgrims, I would love to add them.

the legend you can find here:





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Wow, happy Christmas to you too, @caminka!!!
What a wonderful gift you have offered us all. Thank you.
I can't like this enough.


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How did I miss this? Wonderful, thanks, Caminka. I have already heard some whispering from the camino gods about an Olvidado-Invierno do-over in 2019 (with the Ponferrada to El Acebo to Peñalba to As Médulas route thrown in there to connect the two. This is so appreciated. Buen camino, Laurie


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