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Happy Hogmanay and...


Nunca se camina solo
a Happy New Year to everyone when it comes.

This year I'm here again in Sevilla for New Year. Last year it was also to walk the Via de la Plata. This time it is purely for the fiestas before taking up the Camino Frances again at the end of this week. Thanks to those who sent me PMs ... I'll keep you posted if I can as I go along. My companero Dael is also walking a couple of weeks after me, such a pity two Scotsmen will not be en route together ...that would certainly have boosted the local booze economy!

Today in Sevilla the sun is shining brightly and the temperature is an almost balmy 20 degrees. I've been cycling in a t shirt. The hot blooded Andalucians however think it is postively arctic and for them fur coats, hats and scarves are the order of the day...a horse rider just trotted past me in the street wearing a balaclava! It is however cooler in the evenings and whilst predictions for the Camino Frances are generally good it is forecast to be very cold...brrrrr.

I had a drink the other evening with Juan the owner of the Taberna Miami in Triana which is just a few steps off the route out of Seville and is next door to the HQ of the Amigos Office. It also boasts a full blown Camino display on one wall including an authentic Yellow Arrow Tile. Juan has been ill and is slightly failing but still immensley proud of his caminos on horseback...he mentioned that Padre Blas in Fuenterobble is planning a Camino with 50 burros for the next Holy Year ...that could be spectacular.

Wishing all peregrino amigos old, new and yet to come every joy in 2008.

Yours aye

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Many of you will not realise the private joke in our friends name.
"Johnny Walker" is a whisky and, whisper this, "isn't his real name"
May I respond in kind, a sort of Scottish code, which may bring a wee smile to your face Johnny.
"I'll hae a low fleer in ma haund cum the bells, aah the best tae yae an yours"
Yours Aye
Johnny Walker,

Thanks for so many insightful comments and recommendations.

With a wee dram of Dalwhinney in my hand...let the bells ring clear and loud as you start your New Year and another Camino.


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