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Happy New Year!


Staff member
I would like to wish everyone a happy new year, and thank everyone for the old.

It is raining in Santiago tonight, so Maria and I will not go out to Plaza do Praterias for the celebrations that takes place there. Turkey, fireplace and the TV are planned "activities". :)

Greetings from Santiago de Compostela,
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Active Member
Happy New Ivar and Maria,
With your new venture getting under way it will be an exciting year for you! I'm looking forward to seeing you in action in your office at Easter.
Wishing you all the very best for 2009.
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Happy New Year to Ivar and all of you, - good to have you back Arn!

Greetings from Dagny and Erik
(who plans to walk 3 weeks in March/April - 4 days together with 2 grandchildren)
A very Happy New Year to you and Dagny.

Several of you have welcomed me back and that's given me pause.

Why have I been away so long and why return now?

I wrote an entry soon after I completed my Camino in May. At best, it rambled on about being less than I thought I'd be...for any number of reason.

I'm on the email list for at least two other "Camino" related groups and I although I’d receive an email on a very limited occasion...I'd read it, but not respond. Mermaidlili is also a member of one in particular. As I was getting my act back together, I responded to one that really moved me in a way I'm not accustomed to...it made me emotional. Now, I'll not say I'm without emotion...I just have a difficult time emoting and, when I do...it's a gusher!

About a month ago, Sil responded to something I'd written on one of these email groups and then in quick succession Deirdre also chimed in. As a shot from above, I found myself missing the back and forth banter...the discussions on theology or this piece of equipment or that, or most importantly the individual searching for the Way.

Not only did I realize there was something and someone out there that gave a ding dong about me, but there was a whole new batch (Class of 2009) of 'soon to bes' that may benefit from my experiences as the Camino molded me into its twisted, but beautiful image. I am still being twisted, but in a good way.

Sil will remember, that nearly a year ago...to this day...I was so despondent that the down button on the elevator read…the “pit”. Being alone is a common thread of mine, but no more.

The Camino reinvigorated my belief in my Church, strengthened my deep love for my children and rekindled their love for me and, demonstrated that there are folks out there…many on this Forum, and others, that see not a loner, but a doer…for all the right reasons.

If I have any regret, it’s not meeting up with Rebekah as I’d promised for a fantastic meal and even better vinotinto…or blanco…I’m there. And, I will return and maybe baste that hunk of meat she spoke about. My lovely wife was a South African, so I know how to braai.

God Bless you every one and all!


Rebekah Scott

Camino Busybody
Past OR future Camino
Many, various, and continuing.
well, gee, Arn! I can´t let myself remain a Regret!

As Dierdre knows, we have some stuff on the cooker for 2009.

And as for you, we´ve got a bodega full of vino, and here in Palencia there are zillions of lambs and hogs out there just waiting to be basted. Matter of fact, there´s a braai in the works already, for when a gang of South African pilgrim litter-picker-uppers moves through here in June. You (and everyone else in this virtual refuge) are invited too... we might even have a world-class guitarist on hand by then to provide background noise.

Film at 11. Don´t be no stranger.


Active Member
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I just have a difficult time emoting and, when I do...it's a gusher!

You got THAT right! :wink: :lol: ...and we are all the richer for it! So you can just take your "loner" stuff and stuff it! You're a part of the Camino.. as it is a part of you... ergo, part of this forum and all of our lives. Deal with it! :)

Buen Camino,
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:oops: I had no idea!

There are a few loose ends right now...Ivar suggested I consider a bicycle if the knee isn't better soon..we shall see.

Rebekah and Deirdre...such a way with words...and a bodega full of vino!!! Not after I've been thru.

Thank you from the depths of my heart...gosh, I may have admitted I actually have one. :mrgreen:

Buen Friends 4 ever Camino

brendan nolan

Active Member
Hi Arn and Happy New Year :)
Regarding the knee problem it might be solved by treating it gently :!: , it's allowed :!: . In 1997 I met a German pilgrim whose knee had locked as he approached Cahors on the Le Puy route in 1996. He picked up again in 1997, having had an operation on the knee, and had got beyond Sahagun. He was taking it very gently, listening to his body and generally doing shorter stages that would get him to Santiago without further problems.
Just think, more days walking means more tinto days :D and probably meeting more pilgrims. Best wishes for this year and a safe journey.
Buen Camino,

ps. Isn't there a story involving a tin man looking for a heart but who had a feeling for others anyway :?:
Brendan said: Isn't there a story involving a tin man looking for a heart

Why yes there is!

Here are the lyrics to the song (with apologies to the Wizard of OZ and the Tin Man):

The Tin Man on Camino

Now my kids relate some tales
To them I was hard as nails
No time for fun or art

And instead of walks and playing
Were excuses and delaying
They were sure I had no heart

So the tin man goes the story
Was rusted, thin and sorry
His world falling a part

In my fall that I was taking
On the Camino I was making
Up to then I had no heart

I tried to lean on my stick
Go home the doctor’s verdict
I was finished at the start

So I spend some time in praying
Please let me finish I was saying
Deep down I felt a beating heart

Could it be what I was feeling
Another muscle needing healing
It was there right from the start

Santiago with His Glory
Isn’t finished with my story
I believe with all my heart


ivar said:
I would like to wish everyone a happy new year, and thank everyone for the old.

Happy New Year to all! I was far from my computer on New Year's Eve, walking out of the old year into the new, on my way from Rome towards Assisi. I celebrated the new year in my tent in the snow with just some dried figs and a cupful of red wine that remained in my drinking flask. I looked out and watched the new year fireworks going up over a distant town.

It was difficult finding food or even a hot drink on that walk, unlike December 2007 on the Camino when I was still cold, but at least I didn't have to go hungry! The facilities on the Camino Frances are something we shouldn't take for granted, and you see the difference when you suffer the hardships of a different pilgrim route.

I pray that 2009 will be a good year for all of you who are walking to Compostela.



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Veteran Member
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Could you Puhlease warn people they might wanna tissue in hand before they read on! Coulda saved my self some of the eye drops I bothered to put in!!

Guess perhaps the New Year is what makes one stop and go back and look at things again, after having dropped off for a while. I too didn't really think that much had changed after the Camino, and yet the further away I get (time wise!), the more I realize the things that have changed. They're small changes but they add up. I suppose a little like Saint James himself. Not the biggest, the brightest star amongst the apostles, and yet, having appeared to be damn near a failure, look at how many people have been drawn to faith over how many years by this seeming "failure". Guess none of us ever really knows the effect we may have on others. If we are fortunate enough to see or know of the effect we've had, it's a bonus. We can not count on receiving it but oh what a delight when it does happen.

So Arn, take this bonus to heart! Your starting of the "Class of 2008" and the witty reparte found there meant a lot!

And to all the others who are too numerous to name here...including Sil and Ivar and Gareth and Vinotinto ... and the list goes on..
Gracias, Karin


Veteran Member
Ah yes, Happy New Year to all on the forum, Ivar's great big family with perhaps Sil as the mother hen!
In Ireland most teachers head back to work tomorrow to annoy lots of kids; at least that's what I do.
On this thread;
I see Sagalouts is a self confessed rascal, although he appears to have a partner to aid and abet.
Arn is the brave one.
I searched for Rebekah's on a beautiful Sunday morning but hey I had a very pleasant evening Sahagun.
Deirdré is a typical Irish lass and tells us to soldier on. Has she ever told you about how many sons of Uisneach she ran away with?
Gareth has his priorities right.
Apologies to the other contributors to this thread for not naming you.
Talk about vinotinto & bodegas that I would like to deplete stocks of etc. reminds me of the morning I was rambling through Hontanas and met Asoonta, as in Feast of Assumption. She spoke in lots of languages to me, but no English, although she seemed very pleased that I knew about our Blessed Lady. I proceeded to "translate" John Brierly's entry about Victirino and we had a bit of banter as I wondered should I ramble up & perhaps send Victirino on to Santiago and relief him of his duties. Ah yes I got sensible advice. Also Asoonta sang to me about L'amour when I told her she was "trés jolie"

So party on & Happy New Year to all.

Buen Camino


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