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Hola good people! Question about forwarding excess luggage

Time of past OR future Camino
December 2022
I am currently on Camino (Logrono tomorrow) and I’ve discovered I have some extra gear I won’t need for this Camino.

Is there a place I can send it to in Santiago de Compostela that will hold it for me?

Muchis Gracias in advance
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I shipped excess gear from Logrono to Ivar in SdC several years ago when I switched from walking to cycling. I used Correos and it arrived in SdC the day before I arrived on my bike. My point being, confirm your delivery options, if there are any options.
Get a spanish phone number with Airalo. eSim, so no physical SIM card. Easy to use app to add more funds if needed.
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I shipped 3.5 k, 7.8 pounds!

I haven’t started walking but I feel lighter already. I don’t really need t-shirts and shorts now

It was 40euro including box and 45 days storage in Santiago. Maybe if shipped to Ivar no storage fee?

Thank you all for the advice

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