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How many days? Is May too hot?


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I have a total of 41 walking days and wonder if that is enough for the Via de la Plata from Sevilla. I have walked the Frances several times, and I like to stay in the 24-28 km a day range. I will be starting in early May, and also wonder whether the temperature is likely to be too hot in Andalucia. My other option is to do the Norte, which I think is about 200 km shorter, and thus more do-able. Many thanks for your advice.
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you can do it

I walked the Via de la Plata last year in september and I had 6 weeks in which I could walk this way. Now I must say I need the same time as from SJPdP to Santiago because there are not so much Alberges. I walked away from Sevilla (21. of Sept) and reached Fiisterre at 27.Oct.). But you must know that the distances are longer between the Alberges so you must go (one or two hours more per day ). To start in May its can becomes extreme hot in Andalucia and Extremadura (I read it in the books) or extreme rain too. And this mean you must take more waight (water) with you. There are not so many villages and bars on the way and you need water. You can do it in this time if you have gone another camino and have found there the "adventure" of an camino. And you must know not so many people there. You are "alone". Its another experiance. You didn`t walk under the stars you walk on the earth. You find realy yourself. Do you wish it? If yes, please go and trust the way.



I did the Via de Plata last year in May and yes it can get pretty hot, but it's still bareable. There were 3-4 days where we left very early (4-5am) because we knew it was going to be very hot and with little shade, but most of the time the temperature was a comfortable 28-30c. I only had 1 day of light rain. I wouldn't recommend leaving later than May though.

24-28km is a good average, but be prepared to walk 35-40km for a few days as well. Sometimes you just have very little options. This doesn't happen too often though..most of the time it's a 30km day.

Also the amount of pilgrims varies a lot. The first week of my trip i saw maybe 5 other pilgrims, then suddenly it was 2 weeks when there were 20+ each day in the albergues and then i was alone again. Very unpredictable. But for sure it is a lot quieter than the Frances and for some ppl this makes the trip harder. Me personally I can't stand the crowds of the Frances and love the quiet of the Plata route...but that's personal.

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I walked the vdlp in 42 days-1 day of which was spent in salamanca. I too liked the solitude-I'm walking from le puy to sdc in july so amd preparing myself for the thousands on the cf-do people actually find the crowds appealing?
The albergues and facilities are less frequent and some of the distances longer but so what?
The vdlp was a wonderful experience but be prepared not to be inundated with people ahead of you and behind you with crowded albergues waiting for you at the end of the day

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