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I'm back from my Camino - magical journey!


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Hi there,

I did it!
I walked from Pamplona to Santiago, where I spent a week just relaxing (also went to Finisterre for 3 days).
I've been at home for a week now.

I'm still amazed about the brotherhood you can feel with the "strangers". I need to say that it was the PEOPLE who made my camino this time.
I've travelled alone also earlier in my life, have been backpacking several weeks in different countries, and always found good friends and never had to be alone. But this time it was different: it was deeper and all the people seemed to be "good people". Hmm... hard to explain, but I know that people who have done that, will understand me.

I wonder how you others have find the everyday-life after camino?
How long did you miss the camino after going back home? And what did you do with that?

I was quite happy with my life before leaving, anyway had some issues I wanted to think about and maybe find some answers. After camino the questions have grown even bigger, maybe I'll find answers later when I have truly understood everything that happened.

Have anyone of you done something similar like pilgrimage to Santiago? Going somewhere else? Somehow I would like to do it again, maybe walking another route, but somehow I'd love to try something else too. I don't know. My experience was so strong, I would love to keep it that way, and that's why I don't think it's easy to do the same again.

Hmm... as you notice, I'm still a bit confused... anyway, the experience was much more than I expected, and I can -without exaggerating- use the word "magical" when I talk about my camino.

This forum here was the most helpful for me when I planned my trip. I don't know if it's polite to ask here (please excuse me), but do you know any other forums or so on, where I can make new, international friends with the people who've already walked the camino?


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Tervetuloa takaisin!

Hei Jonella!

Welcome back and congratulations! Good to hear that you enjoyed your Camino! I did just a small part this year, Rochesvalles to Logroño, but did catch the same unique atmosphere. Back home it seemed somehow empty, I do miss the experience and people. As soon as it is possible, I'm going to book a flight to continue the Camino, on May 2008. (Maybaby 2008!) I was there with my husband, and we can/ do share our thoughts and experiences from the Camino. That hepls, since we have no-one in our near family or friends who would actually understand our feelings and enthusiasm. The time I spent on the Camino made me think about my life and things which are really important. A lot of questions for us too, but also simple and positive answers, strength to carry on the everyday pilgrimage in this world.
It would be interesting to know if there are similar routes like the Camino, with the same spirit. It is possible to do a pilgrimage to many places, but does anyone have experiences from both the Camino and elsewhere?
Anyway, good to hear that you're back, I hope you'll find your answers...

Jonella, I diagnose a case of Camino junky syndrome. :lol:

I walked from StJPdeP to Burgos in 2005, completed to Santiago in 2006. I said to myself that I had done something quite wonderful and that I would leave it at that.

After a few weeks and a trip to India I started thinking back on the Camino; not a day went by without thinking about the people I had met, the places I had seen, the weather I had gone through, the good and the bad days etc....

I come to this forum everyday, read about the various experiences, try to help and offer advices if I can.... I am a complete camino junky.

Guess what ? I ordered and just received the guide to the Camino Portuguese and, God and health permitting I will go to Lisbon in April 2008 to walk north.

So, just like you, my life was good before and after the CF. This experience leaves something in you. I do not resist this, I often talk to my friends about the Camino and some, I am sure, must think I am nuts (those who thought so before I left).
Hi Karo!

It was good to hear that you also loved your experience. I thought about that afterwards, that how easy it is to find the same atmosphere, if you only walk for 1-2 weeks. My thinking changed somehow after 2 weeks, and my camino became more important and more deeper. But it's good to hear, that it's possible to reach that same level also when walking for shorter period of time.

I'm actually very happy to hear that, because now I can think of going back for a week or two at some point (having 4-5 weeks off from work is not that easy, especially when you have children and you want to spend some time with them as well). Thank you for telling me that.


Also I'm very happy to hear, that you did it together with your husband, and everything went well. I saw one couple, arguing all the time, badly. I heard from the woman afterwards that they were planning to divorce after camino. I don't know is that really going to happen with them, anyway Camino can be a hard place if you have unsolved issues in your relationship. And at the same time it could even save your marriage.

I agree with you, that it's easier to talk about Camino with someone who have done it herself too. I find it quite hard to answer all the questions people are asking me. It needs so many words, a lot of effort and motivation to explain that, and still you can't reach the same feeling than on Camino.


I wish you all the best, and have a nice time planning your camino next year!!!

Hi there Ulysse, my fellow Camino junky :D

Hmm... your story sounds like I could tell it as my own in few years, heh...

Have you been thinking, that what is it that you really are missing from your camino? I tried to think that, but couldn't find the answers yet. It seems that I have no answers to anything at the moment. The answers I had before seems somehow very unreasonable at the moment.

The Camino Portuquese seems to be very interesting, I'm happy that you're gonna walk that! Nice! What do you think, are the people walking there more obviously pilgrims that have walked CF already? Because for me it seems that most of the pilgrims want to start from Camino Frances. That way the whole camino could be different kind of experience.

I met alot of people from Quebec, Canada this spring. Only one young woman was from somewhere else in Canada. Do you know a reason for that? Why is it so famous there? I actually walked a lot with a 72-year old man from Quebec (+his friends).

Take care, Ulysse

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