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LIVE from the Camino In Puente La Reina


The walk here was beautiful, breathtaking. The weather today was great, sunny but not too hot, and the best part is no rain.

Was going to check into a hotel today but decided I would miss the company of the other pilgrims, so here I am at the alberque. Getting used to the pilgrim routine and having a wonderful time.

Only one small problem, the wind took two pairs of underware off the clothes line and I haven´t found a place to replace them. Hopefully I will pass the right kind of store soon!
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I had to buy some emergency pants when my stuff didn't arrive with me... There's a market in Carrion de los Condes if you can wait that long!
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The first edition came out in 2003 and has become the go-to-guide for many pilgrims over the years. It is shipping with a Pilgrim Passport (Credential) from the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.

Peregrina Lora, you can buy knickers in Estella, probably your next stop. Big town, beautiful churches. And the day after that you'll pass the Irache monastery where the Bodegas offers water and wine.
Go well!
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Lora, Estella will probably be your best bet for finding replacement "delicates." You also might want to check into a hotel or hostal there as well, depending upon how full the albergue there is. When I was there, they ran out of hot water, so I headed to Hostal Cristina, which is close to the plaza. We had dinner at a restaurant on the plaza, the one marked "asador."

The tourist office has loads of information & a really great Camino map showing distances from the French border as well as altitude, all the way to Santiago!

As for the wine fountain, make sure you get there before the turigrinos on the busses do! All the wine was gone, but at least the water was ice cold, just what I needed!

Thanks ladies, I have managed to replace my missing items. In Estella now, arrived early so lots of room at the alberque. Am looking forward to the wine fountain.

Weather is beautiful!


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And another attempt looms, to buy a decent Poncho after trying and failing in the previous two likely towns. Anyone know where an Altos or similar might be bought in Leon, please? 😁
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