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:) Hello Friends,

after two days in Paris with sightseeing by foot I have finally reached spain. I walk the Aragonese way from Somport Pass over Jaca were I am today. It is very hot and so a walk of more than 5 hours takes all my power. But on the other hand it is really satisfactioning to see the goal of the day.

I am still on my way
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Hi there Bernd,

Good to hear that you are on your way again and that you are getting closer to Santiago.

What if you reply to this message next time you write, this way your walk is in one long thread that will be easier for others to read later. How do you do it? Next time when you would like to write, open this message the click the "postreply" button and write your message there.

I am looking forward to hearing from you again.

Greetigs from 35c Santiago de Compostela,
:p Hello Friends,
Hello Ivar,
I have now reached Puente la Reina, were the Aragonese way and the Navarra way meet coming from France. The Aragonese way is not overcrowded at this time. Most of the Pilgrims there are Spanish people. But there are also a few Germans, Swiss and Austrian I met. The Refugios are not nearly as large as I found it today in Puente la Reina.
Walking in Aragon in the first days is strong. There are many mountains you have to go over and the caminos are slim and stony.
But there are also very nice places to see and the best experience was to stay one evening in the albergo from Arres near Puente la Reina del Jaca. There the Padron cooks for the guests in spanish style and its a really nice experience.
I feel very good. Luggage and Body (muscles and bones ) make no problems. All around is fine
..entering Kastilien..

:D Hi Friends,
today I reached Kastilien on my daily trip from Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Villafranca Montes de Oca. It was a really long walk but it worked fine. I found out that the heat around noon and on afternoon is no problem for me.
Going through my (german) guide I found out that up to yesterday I did 300 km - and this all without serious problems. I am happy about these circumstances.
In two days I hope to reach Burgos.
half time

Hello Friends :D ,
today on my trip from Somport to Santiago I have reached San Nicolas de Real Camino. This is the half distance. I am still well. Every day I run between 35 and 40 km. So in two days I will reach Leon for a (half) resting day.
On my way I have slept in several Monasterys and Churches and it is always an amazing experience how people serve the pilgrims.
I feel good as a Pilgrim but I am also awaiting the last day in Santiago and in Finisterre to come back to my loved familiy which is waiting for me.
Greetings from the Camino
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Hi, Bernd !

I am impressed with how far you manage to go every day ! You must be very fit !

Good to hear that you are in good condition, enjoy the rest of your trip !

Buen camino !


Good to hear from you!
Is the CF really crowded at this moment?
Enjoy the trip you mostly do :D

Grusse aus Holland,

Reply to Paulus - news

Hi Paulus,
thank you for looking in my diary. In Burgos, some days ago, the 100-bed-Alberge was full at that night. Yesterday after a 40-km-walk I came to Foncebadon and the refugio was full. They sent me to the next village but I decided to make a sleep under the heaven near the Cruz de Ferro. Today we have the 1. August, which is "Ferragosto" in Italy. All French, Italian and Spanish people come now - yes I think it will be overcrowded the next few days and weeks.

Hi all Friends,
Yesterday I have passed Astorga,slept outdoor at the Cruz de Ferro, where I took a personal rock onto the Mountain and today I passed Ponteferrada. Now I am in Cacabelo which is a really nice Albergue with 2-bed cabins. Since at home there are problems with my family I try to finish my way to Santiago asap, which means about 10 - 12 days. I try to make 40 km per day. My feet are a little tired from all that walking - but they are done just for this job.
My main question now is, how to get home from Santiago in acceptable time for an acceptable price. Before visiting the Cathedral in Santiago I will have to visit a travel agent.
Best greetings and wishes from the camino
Great to hear from you Bernd!

I hope you are not pushing too hard... 40km/days seems a lot... but as long as you and you feet are agreeing, you should be just fine.. :)

Have a look at AirBerlin for your trip home, you may be able to book the trip from an albergue before you get to Santiago. Have a look here:

Un saludo,

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