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Interesting Christian sites


New Member
Being a devout Catholic, I am going on the Camino for religious purposes as much as for cultural interest. I've had a look at the fotos of the Camino Ingles on another site, and there are some interesting churches, statues, waycrosses, etc. that appear along the way.

I was wondering whether anyone knew of particular traditions, or interesting sites, along the Camino Ingles, that someone like me - interested in the history and architecture of the Church - should definitely take a moment to stop and see. I think I'll have a pretty good idea of where to go in Santiago - ha - but in Betanzos, Minho, Siguiero, etc.?

Thanks everyone!
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Thanks for the sites, Ivar! I will check them out thoroughly.

So much of what I have read has been about the Camino Frances and there is seemingly so little written about the Camino Ingles, that it will certainly make for an interesting adventure. I find it interesting that San Pelayo is so popular along this stretch of the road, for example, since if I am not mistaken he is actually buried in Asturias.

I am hoping to see some interesting monastic architecture and wayside crosses or shrines. And if anyone knows of any saints who are buried in places along the Camino Ingles from Ferrol, I would be very interested in this information as well.

Best wishes,

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I walked from Corunna 10 years ago. Getting out of Corunna and into SdC was very tedious, but the middle section is archetypical rural Galicia: a vast network of green lanes interspersed with numerous hamlets with small granite churches. Plenty of wayside crosses, but not much of any especial architectural interest; Hospital de Bruma is probably the most interesting (outside Corunna). Historically speaking, it is however an exceptionally interesting road, aka the Antiguo Camino Real and because of the number of French people who took a sea route the Camino Frances de Poulo. If you want architecture, Corunna is far more interesting than Ferrol, though you won't qualify for a compostela if you start there - if that's important to you.

The same is true of the Camino Frances, btw: the Galician section is the least interesting architecturally (apart from SdC itself of course).

Pelayo is often confused, as there (at least) two: the hermit Pelagius, who supposedly discovered the tomb of St James; and the boy saint, sometimes called San Pelayo de Corboda, though he was Galician by birth
http://sagradafamilia.devigo.net/santor ... 6junio.htm
And to add to the confusion, Paio is the Galician form of the name.

P.S. Corunna deputacion website is at http://www.dicoruna.es/municipios/muni-a-muni.htm

Hi BilliBoy, you may want to check this book out

The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago
(The complete cultural handbook)
by David M. Gitlitz and Linda Kay Davidson

It's wonderful and it has a lot of information about every church, saint, monument, place or rock you find along the camino. It is really amazing and describes the camino Frances town by town with whatever there is worth seeing in each town, etc.

Hope it helps...

Buen Camino...

Hortensia... :)
The 9th edition the Lightfoot Guide will let you complete the journey your way.

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