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Is this sensible?

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I leave tomorrow, walking from SJPdP

Plan A was that I was taking two pairs of walking trousers, one of which were double zip-offs allowing conversion into either shorts or capris, and a fairly long rain jacket which comes to mid- thigh, so I wasn’t going to bother with overtrousers.

Then I read how cold it was likely to be in the mountains, and added a pair of running tights which I reckon I could put under my walking trousers if necessary.

Then I read how wet it was going to be, and bought a pair of overtrousers which are mesh-lined, breathable and quite light.

But I have failed miserably in my efforts to lose any weight, with the result that the zip-off trousers are frankly too tight - especially the above-knee zips, which means walking in them will be uncomfortable. I’m thinking I will only take:

- The walking trousers which are comfortable, lightweight and quick drying
- the running tights, to be worn in evenings when trousers are washed (not every day) and possibly under walking trousers if very cold
- The overtrousers, which can be worn over either or both of the above and will provide both wind and rain protection.

Do you think this will be adequate? I aim to reach SdC in late April, by which it presumably could be very warm - but my walking trousers are quite thin.
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Sounds workable to me. You will be warm whilst walking anyway. And if windy or rain you have the over trousers for wind and rain protection. When you need to wash the walking trousers, you can wear the tights, or over trousers or both.......... They should dry overnight.

If all else fails...........you will pass shops! ;)
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It all sounds fine, Barbara.
Don't worry about whether it will warm or cold - you've covered both eventualities. Now just relax and enjoy the camino! There will be other pilgrims around to help if needed - and, as Robo says - there are plenty of shops in the towns en route.
Blessings and buen camino!


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You should be fine. If there is a really hot day, you could get up earlier and finish before the heat sets in - or walk a shorter distance that day. When I walked in May/June it was never hot enough for me to need to wear shorts. Even though my pants were zip-offs, I only ever rolled them up a little. I was more afraid of getting a sun burn than being too hot. Buen camino!
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You'll be fine from the sound of it, Barbara.
The last-minute packing questions are often just another manifestation of pre-walk jitters.;)
Fortunately, in SJPP there is a really good shop near the Pilgrim's Office (on the other side of the street) where you can probably buy what you need if you come to the conclusion that you really should have brought it (pants, or whatever....).
Buen camino, peregrina!


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Buen Camino @RevBarbaraG 7 days to go for me will be in Pamplona Good Friday and Saint Jean the next day. Your plan sounds great and don’t worry I’m in same boat with weight due to military injuries and middle age . You will loose some while walking I think. See you there maybe
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Barbara I too think you'll be fine with your final selection. Definitely forget the tight zip off trousers. If you don't lose weight I think you'll find your body will become firmer and fitter.
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I can feel your excitement. You will do fine and if it helps, on my first Camino I lost 20 lb's. Something I didn't even think about, an added bonus for sure. Also, on my second I went in Spring and never once wore shorts. April/May I would say its going to be pretty chilly, damp too. Do you have a good wind/rain jacket?
Happy travel and Buen Camino.
Trust in the arrows and keep walking. Yay!!:)
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Yes, I bought a new jacket yesterday, because my existing one was really very heavy. This one is very waterproof, and breathable.

Just been through the process of readjusting my pack - brought in those things I had forgotten about, got rid of a few - and overall have ditched half a kilo from my first attempt. My pack weighs in at 7.9kg assuming I am wearing my lightest possible combination of clothing plus my wide-brimmed hat, and using my poles. I also have a bumbag for valuables, which currently contains my guidebook, notebook and all my medication for 6 weeks as it is my carry-on - that weighs 900g.

I have ditched my idea of using the same moisturiser for both face and hands and gone back to travel packs of the ones I usually use. I have rationalised my sock collection and ditched the air-tight packing sack in favour of a few ordinary ziplock bags. I’ve added a travel sewing kit, plus a few extra safety pins and rubber bands.

I think I’m ready.
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Yep, sounds like you're ready.
Green Light...........Go :):):)
Buen Camino!
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Sounds great, @RevBarbaraG - you're almost on your way! Your revised trouser selection sounds fine. I took some zip-offs and never did any zipping off (why did I think I would when I never wear shorts normally?!), plus whenever I bent over the front snap popped open and the fly unzipped - but that's getting off-topic into my-supermarket-horror-stories territory!!)

As others have said - you'll pass good shops along the way, so if worst comes to worst and and you find you need more after your first few days, Pamplona will provide - or elsewhere as you go along.

A very very Buen Camino to you, Barbara!
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RevBarbaraG.... If I may be so bold.... quit with the worry! Under 8kg in the pack and a few pounds over in the other areas will still be doable! You're in great position to enjoy the challenges of the CF.
Buen Camino!!
Hello @RevBarbaraG , may I suggest you take an old woolly jumper and a spencer, just in case, for getting through the first few days. it can be very cold in the mountains. From Pamplona onwards it is warmer. If you find that you don't need the old clothes leave them behind in Roncevalles or at the next place you stop. Another option is take a lightweight fleece blanket or an old towel to wrap arround your neck and shoulders. These too, can be discarded....


ps have you checked the weather report for today? It was a cold day in the midi pyrenees, where I am....
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I already have the possibility of 4 layers over my arms and trunk, including wind proof and waterproof. Should be enough, no?

Yes I’ve been watching the weather forecast with panic interest. Should be cold and breezy but dry for my first day (to Valcarlos), but wet, wet, wet for my second (to Roncesvalles).
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Wishing you all the best, @RevBarbaraG. You sound good to go. Your final packing list sounds right on (and I'm using as a guide for myself, leaving in less than a month :)thanks!) and you have a super attitude. Safe travels and Buen Camino!
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HI Barbara,

Don't over-do the packing as I did last year. It is very difficult to imagine and to plan what will or will not work on the Camino. At this time of year you could experience four seasons in one day. Be assured that you are never too far away from a shop which will stock all your needs. The prices in SJDP are reasonable and not a rip-off so don't worry. Expect the unexpected and except that that nothing really prepares you for this amazing journey.

May the road rise to meet you.

Buen Camino

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