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LIVE from the Camino Jlkennedy's Camino Diary


New Member
Hello everyone. This is Jlkennedy. A few weeks ago I thought for sure that I was not going to be able to do the Camino this summer, since we have been doing major construction on my house and my wife is now just passing being three months pregnant! But, she and my family have encouraged me to go so...

I just bought my ticket today after finding my passport this morning in the attic. Tomorrow, i will get my bag out and begin the packing and planning process.

I am going to be on the Camino from June 29th until July 24th. Unfortunately, my flight leaves Madrid on the 25th, so I will not be in town for the celebration of Saint James' Birthday.

I will be busking (playing guitar and singing for money) along the Camino this summer. I am bringing along with me my Martin Back Pack Guitar. It weighs about 2 pounds (I know that is a lot of weight), but I have done the Camino three times already and this is going to be my new twist and challenge this year. I need to play for my bed and menu del dia each day ( I will bring my ATM card to play it safe!!!) You can catch me in the local plazas singing many different songs about love and life along the Camino from 8 until 10 pm every night. Please throw me some loose change as it will be greatly appreciated!

I plan on posting along the road at many of the internet cafes and refugios that offer an internet connection. In 2002, there were plenty, so I feel comfortable with the likelyhood of being able to post on a regular basis.

I want these posts to be as real and informative as possible. I want to write about my experiences along the road, as well as, give practicle advice to anyone who is thinking about doing the Camino.

Finally I want to say that this forum is really special to me and I want to thank Ivar for taking all of the time and energy he has put into making this site as wonderful as it already has become. I looks better every day. Thanks Ivar.

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Thanks Jlkennedy.

The forum is really just a piece of software, what makes it great are all the users that post messages and help create the pilgrim-community.

By the way, the last two summers there has been an Irish guy with a guitar close to Plaza de Cervantes. If you need money for your return flight, I suggest join up with him for a few days. :)

I'm looking forward for you post along the way.

Have Fun!!!!!!!!

Have fun and be careful John! Don't be afraid to use the ATM card =)~
Be safe and I love you,
your favorite little sister - Noelle'
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Pilgrim Diary

A thank you from one former Pilgrim who will read with interest your daily diary. I wish you every luck with your busking - and guitar carrying - which will add to your already hard days, but as you say you are already an experienced pilgrim. The busking idea sounds great, one of the books that inspired me - only to walk, I am no musician - was 'Pilgrim Snail' which I think is subtitled 'busking to Santiago'. I wish you, Good luck! God speed! and generous listeners! Ultreya Pilgrim
Buen Camino

Dear JLK,

I am so happy that you are in Spain safely and headed to Roncesvalles. You have worked so hard the past few years and especially this past year. You deserve every second of this trip. Enjoy every moment and don't waste any time concerning yourself with home. Mom and I are doing just great! You are an amazing person and a wonderful husband. I love you very much. Buen Camino.

Love always,


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