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Last 100 km for the "Compostela"? QUESTION TO IVAR, TOO


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Please correct me if I'm wrong, but you need to do the last 100km on foot AT LEAST to be eligible for the "Compostela"?

This means Sarria to Santiago (114 km), ie in 5-6 days?
I am asking just in case one is delayed by fatigue or injury and makes up for the lost distance/days by taking a bus etc. The last stretch from Sarria appears to be non-negotiable.

Does one need to do at least 20km a day and/or collect at least two stamps per day on the Credencial for this last stretch to be eligible? What is the current rule in 2009?

Please advise, especially people who did the Camino earlier this summer, IVAR TOO.

Many thanks
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I watched three young backpack-less Spaniards hop out of a taxi about 100 meters from the 100km marker in order to start their pilgrimage. They asked me to take a photo for them to prove they had walked at least 100km! In the spirit of charity, I did.

It is widely reported that the Pilgrim Office in Santiago carefully looks at credentials when the pilgrim starts at Sarria, so two stamps per day are recommended.


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There is no time limit. Just collect stamps along the way, two each day (this is what is recommended right?).

If you take the bus you might be risking it.... just take it easy and take your time. I would plan on walking the whole stretch, but do it in your own speed and your own distances.

Buen camino!


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If you are walking then you are required to walk at least 100 kms. The record of this is your Credencial in which the Pilgrims Office recommend yo ucolled two sellos per day. Some pilgrims collect more - where they sleep, there they stop for coffee etc. On arrival in the Pilgrims Office your Credencial will be checked to see that you have sellos they will also ask you if you have made the last 100 kms entirely on foot.

As Ivar says time is not an issue.

Best wishes



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To add to comments already made on this issue, we received our Compostelas on 28/08/09 and the only questions asked were whether we had walked and carried our own baggage all the way (from St. Jean). The fact we did not have two sellos for each day over the last 100km caused no problems and they seemed to be only cursorily scrutinized.

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two sellos per day are recommended ONLY if you start from Sarria or later (and try not to have them all from bars)

if you walk all the way from St Jean, one sello per day is fine

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