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last minute questions re luggage and sleeping bags


New Member
Hi everyone. well it's almost time. We start our Camino in 2 weeks time. Have a couple of questions to clear up though. We are finishing our Camino in Logrono due to time restraints. Does anyone know if we can post extra luggage from STJPP to the Logrono post office? or should we book a hotel and send it there?
Another question which I'm almost embarassed to ask is do we have to take a sleeping bag or do the refugios have some bedding/blankets?
Thank you


Active Member
I believe that always it is necessary to have a sleeping bag.
Sometimes you can find blankets, but not always.-
Buen Camino, from Pamplona :lol:


Active Member
Next week I am going to begin my third CAMINO

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Take sleeping bags. Roncesvalles does not have blankets. Neither does Viana. Casa Mari in Torres del Rio did, though.

As for mailing things ahead, are you flying in & out of Madrid & staying over night before your departure? You might want to check with your hotel. I'll be leaving a small bag of items at my hotel next week & last time, was able to post things to the Madrid hotel I was staying at.



Active Member
most places have blankets and pillows; I only found 2 places on the camino that didn't. However, it is necessary that you bring either a sleeping bag or a sleeping bag liner, whichever you think suits your needs better!


New Member
Thank you everyone- -think we will just take a sleeping sheet. As far as luggage goes, we are on the move around Spain and so aren't able to leave luggage anywhere. we were wondering if anyone had posted luggage from the post office at STJPP to Logrono or similar?

I thought of booking a hotel in Logrono, but need help asking if they will hold luggage for us for 2 weeks before we arrive. Can anyone translate that into Spanish for us???


Kate and Mike
Kate & Mike, I had to mail stuff to myself (& home) while in Spain. At the post office in Pamplona, we had to go to one side to buy the boxes to mail stuff & then take a number & wait for assistance on the other side of the room. :) In Estella, one gentleman helped me with both. A simple "Soy peregrino/a" or "Somos peregrinos" (I am/we are pilgrims) lets them know what you're doing. I think the correct phrase for mailing a box is "Necesito enviar este caja a Logrono/Madrid/where ever" but I could be wrong. I will check with one of my coworkers tomorrow. The postal employees will automatically think you want to send the box to Santiago, so you have to let them know you want the box sent to Logrono.

As for the hotel, most hotels have someone who knows some English. If you know which hotel you want to stay at, you can email ahead of time to ask. The hotel I stayed at in May allowed me to mail a box of things to them & held them until my arrival. On the outside of the box, I put my arrival date as well as my reservation number, & when I got there, they had put a "Llega 15/5/07" (arriving May 15) on the box. The hotel I'm staying at in Madrid this week :shock: says I can leave things there until I return 3 weeks later.

I'll also ask my coworker how to ask this in proper Spanish as well.



New Member
Thanks for all your useful info - only a few days before we leave for Spain - have loved logging into this forum and found the info invaluable. Will post our luggage through to the Logrono post office from STJPP and hope for the best. Otherwise, we'll just have to go shopping!!!

Kate and Mike

William Marques

Staff member
The address to send post to "the lista" at the post office for collection when you get there is:

Officina del Correos
Lista del Correos
Peregrino : JOHN SMITH
26080 Logroño
La Rioja

When you go to collect mail, take your passport as ID; and to be sure, ask them to check under your first name as well as your surname.
Pilgrims in 2006 reported that the Lista de Correos service no longer keeps items for one month before returning them to the sender but only for 15 days.

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