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New albergue in Bandeira ready by the end of September


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Xacobeo will open a new albergue on the Via de la Plata (Bandeira) and it will open by the end of September 2011.

http://maps.google.com/maps?q=bandeira, ... 86523&z=10

Translated by Google Translate:

Spanish to English translation

The manager of the SA Plan to do Xestión Xacobeo, Bunting Road Chambers and Councilman of Culture and Tourism, Matías Rodríguez Datorre, today visited the site where the modular building will be installed, provided by a local resident silledense
Have a total of 36 seats which will supplement the network of shelters in the Southeast Way - Via de la Plata

Silleda, July 12, 2011 .- The City Council and the SA Silleda Plan to do Xacobeo Xestión soon sign an agreement for the provision of a hostel for pilgrims in the town of Bandeira. The manager of the SA Plan to do Xestión Xacobeo, Bunting Road Chambers and Councilman of Culture and Tourism, today visited Datorre Matias Rodriguez, along with two technicians from the regional body, the land where the modular building will be installed, which gives a neighbor of the same town silledense .
The plot has an area of ​​1,130 square meters and is located on the street do Balo Agro, having access to the street also Loures. The hostel will be built with a total of 13 prefabricated modules of high quality, with air conditioning, a covered patio, and installation of renewable energy. The set is coated with Trexpa, durable material that will beautify the finished building. Have a total of 36 beds, with possibility of expanding to 38.

The manager of the Xacobeo, Bunting Road, said during the visit that the agreement with the City of Silleda be signed "as soon as possible," when you are ready the transfer agreement between the City and the individual who contributes the land. In this regard, Councillor Matthew Rodriguez moved that the executive Datorre silledense try to settle the transfer agreement at the first meeting of the local government to be held this week.

Modification of the project and within the works
Thus, while continuing to administrative procedures, the technicians of the SA Xacobeo Plan of Xestión do work on the adaptation of modular construction to the characteristics of the new lot, because in principle the shelter would be installed on other land in the Street of the pie. The previous local government had managed the assignment of another individual, but eventually gave up the agreement. It was expected that the facility would be completed this July to take advantage of the summer, with increased influx of pilgrims.

Now, the estimated time for the works is 45 days, so the shelter could be ready Bandeira end of next September.

Bunting Road highlighted the central location of shelter Bandeira, with supplementing the network facilities of the Via de la Plata. Also, like Councilman Matthew R. Datorre highlighted the availability of services for users and dynamic sectors such as hospitality or the local market with the opening of new facilities to be managed by the Jacobean as well as other centers in the network. The agreement between the City of Xacobeo Silleda and states that the transfer of land will be for a period of 15 years, with the possibility of revising the agreement in the first five years.

Medela Closing Service
With the opening of new facilities will close the service Bandeira shelter in Camping Medela. In the latter, only 8 people were enabled. Given the characteristics of the building and its distance (it's about 5 miles Bandeira and forced the pilgrims to deviate from the route to Compostela) did not meet the conditions for providing a service shelter. On the future of camping, Rodriguez recalled the agreement Datorre whole to ask the Xacobeo the transfer of facilities to the City of Silleda, becoming of municipal ownership. The idea is to make the camping Medela a resource focused on the field of tourism and leisure. In the coming months the City will address the future of this building along with the heads of autonomous agency.

Original press release:
http://prensa.xacobeo.es/es/noticias/el ... en-la-call


Hi All,

In July 2011 Ivar advised that an new albergue was being constructed in Bandeira and would be open by September of that year.

I was in Bandeira in November 2011 and stayed at the Hostal Victorino. I went for a walk out to the sports centre, out and back along the Calle Lourás and Calle Agro do Balo but could not see the albergue. As I recall the sign at the crossroad in the main street still said 2.7km to the albergue.

The albergue is not mentioned on the Eroski Consumer website and the Mundicamino site says "No" to everything on the list for the Bandeira albergue.

Can anyone tell me if the albergue has in fact been built or was it a casualty of the finacial crisis.




Staff member
Hi, Wombat,

I went through Bandeira in June 2011 and also stayed in the Hostal Victorino. Very nice people and nice place, btw. The next day in the albergue in Outeiro I met some pilgrims who had not been able to find a room in Bandeira and had walked out to the campgrounds which doubles as an albergue. I think that's the 2.7 km sign you saw. In fact, the press release Ivar linked to on his original message explains that the current albergue is in the Campgrounds of Medelo, with 8 spots. It will be closed when the new one is open.

The press release also says that the new albergue will be built on the streets of Agro de Balo and Louras, but I can't find either of those streets on google maps. The closest I get is one called Algo do Valo, which might be the same one.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that it's a victim of the crisis. When I walked the Primitivo this summer, we learned that in Castroverde (between Cadavo and Lugo) there is a totally new albergue ready to go except for the fact that they lost their furniture budget so it's totally empty.

Maybe someone else has more recent news. Buen camino, Laurie


Staff member
p.s. A quick google search brought up a news article from 2011, http://www.berenguela.com/nuevo-albergu ... 2011-05-02
reciting much of the same information, but noting that the location is a plot of land on the Rua da Empanada, which is directly across the highway from the Rua Algo do Valo.

This press release from Aug. 5, 2012, says that the government is still committed to building it. Bid requests will go out at the end of the summer, apparently.

http://www.caminosantiago.org/cpperegri ... nsaID=6958

Bottom line -- for the immediate future, pilgrims can either stay at the campground in Medelo (rides are apparently possible if you're too tired to walk) or at the private places in town. There's not much to do in town, but there is a cultural association with internet.



Thanks Laurie,

I have been writing up my notes from November 2011 and was wondering if anything had happened about the albergue.

The Hostal Conde Rey was closed as we came into town so we were glad to get a room in the Victorino which was a friendly place, although the rooms were a little cold until the heaters came on after 7.30pm. A good view from our room of the Pico Sacro in the purple light of dusk. It also had the added advantage that we were able to get an early dinner. Also the bar was open early for breakfast and we were walking by 07:30 in the morning.

Actually we did the 33km to Santiago in one day. Having walked from Granada we were ready to finish. The weather for our last day was very good, a maximum of 17 degrees C and sunny, after early morning fog.




Staff member
Hi, Kevin,

Putting two and two together, I now realize you are one of the two (with Bjorts) who has sparked my interest in the Mozarabe from Granada. Hoping to get there in the next year or two, and your notes are terrific.

Back to Bandeira -- The construction in the Conde Rey was started when I went through in June 2011, so maybe it's a major renovation. I read online that the same family owns both the Victorino where we stayed and the Conde Rey, but who knows.

When I stayed in the Outeiro albergue (3 kms up hill from the town of Puente Ulla, so a pretty short day from Bandeira) there was a new hospitalera, who took her duties very seriously and was committed to bringing up the cleanliness standards in the albergue. I had heard that it was kind of grimy, but as of last year that was not the case. It is in a nice location and you can either bring food up from the Dia supermarket in Puente Ulla, or walk to a restaurant about a km or 2 away, or that same restaurant will deliver to the albergue. Since I arrived early in the day, I had time to check out the neighborhood and came across a beautiful estate that is now a hotel: http://www.pazodegalegos.com/ Family run, by the grandparents, the parents (two burnt-out advertising execs from Madrid), and with a couple small kids. There is both a winery and hotel/restaurant. A true labor of love. I got a VIP tour (business was very slow) and thought it would be a fabulous place to stay, though for me probably not on the night before walking into Santiago. Seemed a little too sybaritic. But at 75E double room, 50E single, the price/quality ratio is pretty amazing. The owner also suggested they'd give a "pilgrim price" if they had the space.

Ahhh, thanks for spurring this walk down memory lane of the end of the Vdlp.
Buen camino, Laurie

p.s. Kevin, do you have any camino plans on your plate at the moment?

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