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New signage for Camino?

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Thank you, Peter. I got this from another email list which stated it would be signage for the Camino & replace the yellow arrows & shells. I guess I need to brush up a little more on my Spanish! :lol:

judging from the reader comments on ECG's website, some people seem to think the strange foot thing in the photo is the new logo. I actually quite like the new logo: it's clean and simple, and hints at both the yellow arrows and the CoE's stylised shell. More importantly, the archbishop has indicated he approves too, and is keen to stress this is a tourism logo not a religious symbol. ... TO=4809641


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Quite ugly this logo, despite the approval by the archibishop !!!!!!

I wish more people would express their opinion. What was wrong with the old symbol or the flechas amarillas ? Beauty can be found in the simplicity of the symbol.

ps I have nothing against feet.
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I think (at least) the last two holy years have had its own logo, if I have understood this correctly this new logo is for the "2010 holy year" only. It will be used to promote the camino up until that "event". I don't think the classic yellow arrow will go anywhere.

I did not like it at first, but it is growing on me. :)

By the way, I have had several meetings with Xacobeo lately. They may give some funds to help me create a Pilgrim Wiki. I hope to know something within a few weeks. I will let you know...

Greetings from sunny and warm Santiago,


New Member
yellow arrows not dumped?

Oh Ivar, the foot image is just awful!!

What about the humility and symbolic simplicity of the pilgrimage...

the foot image looks like the reflexology pads I used to wear when I was training for my first Camino....

I know Spain and the powers that be there have every right to do what they will in their own territory, the Camino belongs to everyone and no one...and trivializing or cartooning something that is so special to so many sems just plain wrong. I still cringe when I see the cartoon that what we're represented by?

Sorry to get so hot under the collar, but I have half a mind to start a nice big petition calling for re-thinking the image selection.


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I agree that the foot image is not great, but it is not the logo!

As Peter says above, you can see the logo here:

or it shows up at the end of this flash movie here:

... the foot image might have been developed at the same time as the logo (it has the same style with the blue and yellow), and might be used to promote the camino, but it is not the logo for Xacobeo 2010.

This is my interpretation of course... :)

Here are two of the older Xacobeo logos (se below). Xacobeo 1999 and 2004 used the red circle below; Xacobeo 1993 used the pilgrim figure towards the right.

Greetings from over 30c Santiago,
thank you, Ivar. I looked around the web for the old pilgrim logo but, as usual when you go looking for something, couldn't find one.

Calm down, Kathy, you are missing the point! You and I may prefer that the tourist industry kept out of pilgrimage, but we cannot escape the fact that the Camino is very important both for the city of Santiago and for Galicia as a whole. Galicia remains one of the poorer parts of W Europe, and the Xunta calls the Camino the 'launching-pad' for its tourism industry. Some of this tourism spending, such as the many albergues the Xunta has put up in recent years, is of use to pilgrims. However, the number of visitors to both city and region who arrive by plane/car/coach/train far outnumbers the number who arrive on foot or bike, and these are the people the tourist brochures and any logo are aimed at. I am sure that the Church will reckon that some of them will be inspired to investigate pilgrimage further, and of those some will join the Church. However, those on foot to Santiago can continue to ignore the tourist bumph if they wish. As I wrote in another post, part of the Xacobeo spending will be put into improving marking in Galicia, in part by putting up bronze scallop shells, so far from disappearing, the amount of shells/yellow arrows should increase.
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I think it's very funny.

I think it's very funny.-Involuntarily, though.

Life and pilgrimage will go on, unperturbed. Will someone in a thousand years from now remember the 'sore feet logo' of 2010? -I doubt it, very much. So, why bother much? I think it's beneath contempt. Time will do away with it.


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