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November pilgrims?


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I know it's definitely a weird time, but is anyone here doing the Camino this month? I've been in Europe traveling for three months and would like to end by doing a 10 day portion of the trail. If I only have that much time, where do you think I should start from--Leon?
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The weather has been fantastic so far in November i Galicia, we still have temperatures in the low 20c and sun. This might of course change in the next 10 minutes (weather changes fast here :), but the weather man "promised" nice and warm weather at least until Sunday (Nov 12th 2006).

I think November sounds like a good month to walk. But be ready for colder weather. 20c is not the normal temperature this time of year. As for some weather statistics, have a look here:


As for starting point, my guide books recommends 12 days from Leon, but I am sure it can be done if you do it in a hurry (a bad way of walking your camino by the way). What about starting in O Cebreiro, and then taking it easy leaving a day or so in Santiago and maybe a visit to Finisterre (bus or walking depending on your days left over).

Buen camino,
10 days.....

Just got back from there (when it was still raining hard).... you could always start from O Cebreiro... or otherwise from Samos (the Benedictine Monastery/refugio is wonderful) and really enjoy Galicia.... then you could always have a bit more time to enjoy Santiago or go further to Finisterre....

Buen Camino!

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