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One week left...

Liv Marit

Hi !

I am just wondering what time albergues normally close in the evenings?

Hopefully, that's my last silly question..... next weekend I will start experiencing instead of asking about everything....I hope.

We have a Norwegian set of "rules" for winter-mountaineering. One of them says that one should listen to experienced people. And I intend to, both before and during my Camino.

All the best wishes to all pilgrims.

Liv Marit :D
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liv marit
albergues don't normally close at all in the sense that you can come back as late as you want
tho your fellow pilgrims won't appreciate it if you come in after everyone's asleep
what they do is fill up
since you're leaving relative early in the season
you probably won't have to worry about that until you get close to santiago
Albergues closing times

Hello Liv and Leslie,

Looking through the 2006 CSJ Guide - there are many albergues that do close - and lock their doors until the morning!

In Roncesvalles it is lights out at 10pm

In Puente la Reina the albergue Santiago closes at 11pm

Estella - closes at 10pm

In Logrono they lock the doors at 9.30pm

Belorado - lock doors at 10pm

Burgo - lights out 10.30pm

Etc etc etc

Albergues generally only open after lunch time - some as late as 3pm
Many want you out by 8am.

Have a wonderful pilgrimage.
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