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Parking place in SJPP?


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Hello to everybody! I am new around here even though I've spent some time around; I found a great community here, keep the spirit alive! :)

In two weeks from now some friends and I will start our first Camino experience. We can hardly wait being there! We were thinking about driving to SSJP, leave the car there for a month, finish our trip to Finisterra and then one of us would go back to SJPP to take the car and then get back to Finisterra to the rest of the group. Our main concern at this moment in the idea of leaving the car in SJPP because we don't kow where we could leave it. So we are kindly asking for parking ideas. Are there any cheap/free & safe parking places? How much would cost for a month, does anyone have any idea? Could we talk there to someone?

Hopefully there are other pilgrims among you who used the same option and could give us a hint. Thank you!
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The Renault garage, Route de Bayonne, Uhart Cize (next to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port), tel. (0033) (0)5 59 37 00 57. It costs about 33 euros a week. You don't need to phone in advance to make a reservation. The garage is closed on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday. It also closes during the day for a while so it might be useful to give them a ring to find out the exact hours. It's also locked up at night so your car should be pretty safe.
I've been away for a few days, sorry for my late response. Thank you very much for your useful information, hopefully everything will be much easier this way. If everything will go as planned, in least than a week our group will already have started it's Camino experience, so it's great to have such information at hand :) .
Hi there again. It seems one of our friends has some serious problems with his knees and we are afraid that walking over the Pyrenees would be too difficult for him giving his situation. So we were thinking about starting our pilgrimage in Roncesvalles and not in SJPDP as we initially intended, therefore we would need a hint about a parking place in Roncesvalles :) . We are supposed to get there next Sunday (yes, 4 days left!) so we are running out of time due to this unexpected problem. Hopefully someone could help us on this problem again, maybe some of you know about a safe parking place in Roncesvalles. We still have hopes... :roll:

Bon Camino,

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