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sjpp to roncesvalles

  1. biarritzdon

    Pilgrim Rescue near Roncesvalles 6/1/21

    A German pilgrim had to be rescued by helicopter last Wednesday in the snow storm near Roncesvalles. A friend of mine Biarritz says the fine will be 12000 euros.
  2. Monasp

    New hostel between SJDPP and Roncesvalles after Orisson

    Hostel BORDA, 900m of altitude located 900m AFTER the Orisson hut. Former shepherd's hut and its sheepfold refurbished as a shelter for pilgrims of St Jacques. The idea is to propose a moment "out of time" to make "a break" to find oneself in a small structure with the charm of the shepherd's...
  3. B

    walking the Camino aged 79 (the French way)

    I'm intending to walk the Camino September 2021 from France (C-19 permitting). I know from past biking and hiking experience when I was 20 years younger the first 2/3 days are the toughest as you adjust to conditions and find your pace. My enemy is the heat as I am 100kgs (1.88) and lose energy...
  4. Timar

    Reservation Orisson and Roncesvalles

    Hi everyone. I have not informed yet at the albuergues themselves, but does anyone know if they already take reservations for june 21?
  5. Paul Wilson

    Question for those who have walked in Scotland

    Looking for advice from those that have walked in Scotland. I’m looking at the first day SJPdP to Roncesvalles and was wondering how it would compare to walks or Munro’s from what I can see it appears similar to Ben Nevis in height but at an easier gradient, would that be a fair summation...
  6. M

    Senior Newbies planning first Camino- advice?

    Hola to all, I'm a complete newbie, planning a first trip for September 2020. I''ll be with a party of other senior newbies and we are using this as a "get to know" Camino stage, as at least a couple of us are thinking about doing a full Camino in the future. Meanwhile for this initial stage...
  7. A

    SJPDP to Orisson?

    We are arriving into Biarritz airport at 1.15pm. One hour ish to SJPDP. Wondering if we would have time to walk to Orrison? I think it might be tight.. looking at most posts it takes in and around 3 hours to walk... is it pushing it for day 1 and just relax in SJPDP and start next day to...
  8. Corelacka

    Orisson Refuge 2020 booking open!

    Just reserved Orisson Refuge for 24 May 2020! Very excited to be starting the Camino from SJPDP that day and continuing all the way to Santiago, and hopefully Finisterre. Due to limited annual leave have only previously walked 6-8 days each year and took five years to do entire Camino. Also...
  9. Joe C

    Medallion from Pilgrim’s Office in St. Jean

    My daughter and I walked the Camino this past summer. When we began in St. Jean, we were given little slips of paper explaining how to get a commemorative medallion from the Pilgrim’s Office for a modest fee. We of course lost the slips of paper. Anyone have the instructions? Thanks.
  10. B

    Weather in Pyrenees

    Is it feasible and pleasant to cross the Pyrenes fron St Jaques Pied de Port to Pamplona in October? Has someone experience?
  11. Dani7

    To Orisson or not to Orisson...

    ...that is the question. Planning such a journey gives way to many questions. Excited to start the walk April 5th 2020 and wondering if stopping at Orisson for the first night is something I should consider. Not so much for the rest but the experience. If I do stay there I would potentially...
  12. dgallen

    ...and the Camino gets busier every year

    Subjective title here, but I normally do April Caminos and this one is a busy one. Arrived on the noon train on April 1st and after checking into the pilgrim office headed up to Orisson. Orisson has a renovation underway with an additional 16 beds (underneath the outdoor patio... quite the...
  13. Gabe_Way

    SJPDP to Roncesvalles. Stop in Valcarlos? Or go the Napoleon Route?

    Hey guys, I'll start on 5 May. Now, I'm totally torn on a few things. First off, I'm flying to San Sebastian, and I booked a night there, but now I'm having second thoughts. Like maybe I should spend two days in SJPDP, and relax and enjoy before starting on May 5th. Or, just spend one night in...
  14. D

    Walking from StJPP April 20th

    Hi there. I plan to walk from St JPP to Roncesvalles in Saturday then spend the night in Roncesvalles. I have to be back In Biarritz the night of Sunday the 21st. I see an ALSA bus that leaves Roncesvalles at 3:30 Sunday afternoon. Does anyone know of a) another way to get back to Biarritz...
  15. melloglrm

    Weather at the Pyrenees

    Hi folks, I'm am 25 doing the Camino for the first time, starting next week. I'm doing my best to keep updated about the Camino, and recently I looked at the forecast for the first part of the Frances Route - SJPdP to Roncesvalles, and it is not very exciting. On April 4th, the day I planned...
  16. A

    St Jean to Orisson

    Arriving in St Jean on May 11 around 16.30/17.00. Half thinking of heading up to Orisson immediately and getting a taxi back down, to make our first real day easier. Has anyone done this? We have accommodation in St Jean booked. How late is too late to start walking? We will only have day packs...
  17. David

    Monthly Pilgrim numbers from St Jean

    Hi all - I once had a neat graph that displayed monthly pilgrim numbers from St Jean but cannot find it now. Have done a lot of searching - I know it or similar exists! - but have failed. Can't get a link from the St Jean pilgrim office and the cathedral seems only to show those arriving in...
  18. Elevation profiles of the tracks from St. Jean Pied de Port to Roncevalles

    Elevation profiles of the tracks from St. Jean Pied de Port to Roncevalles

    If seen in a post click the chart to see a page with comments on the details.
  19. Darby67

    Roncesvalles photo bomb

    My wife and I arrived in Roncesvalles today. Something is different about some of the pilgrims but I can’t put my finger on it. Sharing pictures with friends sometimes yields interesting consequences!
  20. R

    My first time - ALONE

    Hey all! So I am planning my trip to walk the entire Camino Frances at the end of May 2019. I graduate from college and am looking for the "break" between undergrad and law school. I am traveling from Toronto, ON at 4:45pm and flying overnight to Toulouse, FRA, arriving at 9:05am. From there I...