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sjpp to roncesvalles

  1. geraldkelly

    Bizarre discovery about the two route options between Saint-Jean and Roncesvalles

    Everybody seems to assume that the route through Valcarlos is easier because its highest point (1057m) is lower than the highest point on the Napoleonic route (1427m). While preparing the new version of my app I was recalculating the total ascent and descent on both these routes. This is...
  2. F

    Having a problem with Orisson confirmation.

    Over a month ago I received confirmation from the Orisson refuge that they received my request for a one night stay. No follow up for confirmation. I asked again last week for confirmation. No follow up. Any idea what's happening?
  3. M

    SJPP to Roncesvalles - your personal experience

    Hi everyone, i would like to know your personal experience for the first day of the classical French way. Did you do it at once, did you make a stop over? How did you like it?
  4. donalomahony

    Be prepared... pilgrim rescue

  5. MassNative

    Has anybody used Bourricot Mountain Shuttle on stage 1?

    My wife an I are planning on walking later this year, thinking that we will walk somewhere between 15 & 20 Kms per day. I would like to break up the first stage. but staying at Borda or Orrison don't appeal to me, it makes the first stage too short. So I am considering the Buricott Mountain...
  6. F

    Orisson - website (no longer) down

    Am trying to reserve a space at the Refuge Orisson for Sept. 22 -- the site has been down for a day. Am I doing something wrong? Do most folks use the internet to reserve here? Any hints?
  7. B

    Orisson Building Damage?

    A post from a member last week touched on an Orisson reservation response: We are sorry but we have had some damage on part of our accommodation that cannot be exploited and therefore we cannot keep your reservation. We refund the deposit. The Kayola gite, located 800m before the Orisson Refuge...
  8. F

    Places to stay in or near Orisson.

    I'm trying to post to IVAR forum a question regarding places to stay in/near Orisson for Sept. 23? Please assist I'm computer challenged. Frannie Z
  9. pilgrimleigh

    Biarritz to St Jean - Beginning day after 1pm to Roncevalles?

    The best flight I can find is arriving at Biarritz at 10am. The train from Biarritz to St Jean is around 1.5 hours so I may roughly arrive around midday. Is it safe enough to leave St Jean at 1pm and get to Roncevalles before dusk? There are also flights into Barcelona and Carcassone (France)...
  10. Streetfood

    Orisson Open?

    Does anyone know if the bar at Refuge Orisson will be open for lunch on Thursday 6 April 2022?
  11. Monasp

    Hazard Weather alert on Napoleon Road
  12. Aloha From Kauai

    Does anyone know... many miles from the Madonna down to Roncesvalles?
  13. Scully

    Pyrenees in May

    I have completed two Caminos both starting in Pamplona. This May I will have more time and able to start in SJPP on May 6th. I am wondering how much cold weather clothing to bring. I always bring a fleece and a raincoat. Could I double up on those or am I underestimating the weather in the...
  14. Kiwi Linda

    Refuge Orisson

    Hi everyone I am a very new to the Camino - so thought it a good idea to book a few nights ahead. I used the Refuge Orisson reservation option on their website and had my reservation confirmed with an invoice. However there is no indication of what deposit is required to secure the booking or...
  15. Canito6671

    Advice: should we attempt SJPP to Roncesvalles?

    I know the best answer to this question is dependant on our physical conditioning and the weather, but I'm hoping for some advice from veterans who may be in similar physical condition. My husband and I will start our camino in SJPP on Sept. 8, 2022 and our plan has been to make the trek all the...
  16. Vonnie

    Saint Jean Pied De Port - 2 hours out walking Day 1 place to stay.

    Hello everyone. So excited to be planning a long weekend on Camino Frances in June. Our plan is to arrive in Biaritz at 12.30pm on a Thu and make our way to start from St Jean. We would like to get some walking in on our first day and I'm looking for suggestions of a good area/place to stay...
  17. C

    Roncesvalles Reservation - with or without dinner and/or breakfast?

    Hola, When I make my reservation for Roncesvalles Pilgrim's hostel - Monastery ... should I make it with dinner and/or breakfast. I have read through the posts and am finding it a bit confusing. Is dinner offered in the Hostel, or do they send you a restaurant and if so, do you choose the...
  18. mark stevens

    Orisson Albergue

    Hi Guy's, I just wanted to know if someone else is getting the same problem as me. I am trying to book Orisson for May 21st for 3 people. The site says it has taken my booking but cannot get a reply or conformation etc. very confusing as we defo want to stay there as missed it last time...
  19. Kanga

    Pilgrims walking in March from SJPDP - Napoleon closed

    A reminder to pilgrims walking in March 2022 from SJPDP (of whom there seem to be quite a few). The Napoleon Route is closed until 1 April, and after that it is dependant on weather. If you are starting out in March then you will be walking via Valcarlos. I have walked both routes several...
  20. Eve Alexandra

    Valcarlos/Napoleon and start date

    I booked my flight. I can start either March 31 or April 1. Those of you who have done this route many you think its worth the gamble to start on April 1, in hopes that the Napoleon route might be open? Or would you just plan on Valcarlos?