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sjpp to roncesvalles

  1. Richard Smith

    Napoleon route food truck

    Here is a pic from 2016, I love the simplicity of the sketch map and directions "1 km climb up, 5km flat, 5km down". I wonder how the prices are now?
  2. T

    Walking between St Jean Pied de Port and Valcarlos

    By way of introduction I am Tim Proctor ex owner of Errecaldia B & B in St Jean Pied de Port now retired and living just off the pilgrim route on the frontier Arneguy/Valcarlos. My post concerns two issues, the first is general security while walking on a public road. First point always wear...
  3. J

    Train Bayonne -SJPDP and pilgrims passport after 8pm?

    Hi all, i have 2 questions. I will be arriving around 18-19u next month in Bayonne. I see that the last train to SJPDP already is at 18.20u. is that right? If so, are there any options after the last train on how to get there? Because i will probably miss the train And i also see that the...
  4. B

    One Napoleon but two variants......

    hi there, having cycled the Camino already I'm 'familiar' with the Napolean route using the surfaced road from Orisson to the 'Peak' where you venture off road to the right where there is a memorial. However as I'm sure many of you will know there is a dirt track off to the left which while...
  5. Arta

    Getting from Orisson to Roncesvalles

    Hello, I'll be starting the Camino soon and there's one bit of it that worries me. The descent from Collado de Lepoeder to Roncesvalles seems quite steep (according to the Wise Pilgrim app) which I worry will strain my knees (which then will make the next couple of days very uncomfortable). Is...
  6. Bradypus

    Message from the Roncesvalles albergue - a difficult day.

    A message has just been posted on the Facebook account of the albergue in Roncesvalles. It seems the combination of pilgrim numbers beyond their capacity and poor weather has made this a difficult day. https://www.facebook.com/share/r/Xgeo6wQayprpaiWN/
  7. S

    Conditions on Napoleon today (April 27)

    I’m planning on heading out on the Napoleon route tomorrow and am curious about the weather and trail conditions up there today.
  8. Bradypus

    Three rescues on the Route Napoleon yesterday

    The Burguete bomberos had another busy day yesterday. Picking up two pilgrims with symptoms of hypothermia and exhaustion near the Lepoeder pass and another near the Croix de Thibault who was taken to the Burguete medical centre...
  9. Bedspring

    €12000 fine on Route Napoleon?

    Just reading this thread https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/news-from-the-camino.86228/ and the OP mentions people being fined €12000. I knew that you cannot do the Napoleon in certain weather and would have no intention going against any advice. However from a UK perspective...
  10. W

    Where to stay in SJPDP- September 2024

    After years of hoping and planning it’s real. Been reading the forum for months now. I feel like I already know some of you! You’ve already helped me so much with the nuts and bolts of planning (gear, clothing, route, luggage storage- Ivar!). Im pretty sure I wouldn’t have heard of Gronze...
  11. N

    Taxi to Orisson on Day 1

    Is it OK to take a taxi to Orisson on Day 1 from SJPDP, stay overnight then continue the walk the next day to Roncesvalles? Personal reason, please no judgement.
  12. justgiuli

    SJPDP-orisson in the afternoon

    Hello everybody, I’m Giuliano. I have question for you guys. I will be arriving the 15th April at barritz airport at 12 and hope to get a train to sjpdp around 12,30. I have a reservation at Orisson that night, hopefully on a decent weather. So, the question is: a what time maximum I need to...
  13. Ahaj

    Descent into Roncesvalles

    I have only ever turned right and descended on the road into Ronscevalles assuming it would be too hard on the knees to go the main route. I have an occasional, minor degree of pain in one knee on steep descents. I am wondering just how hard the forest way is. Has anyone done both and have an...
  14. SideWinder

    Camino Frances - First Three Nights

    Good day to all! I am setting off on the Camino Frances in the middle of May. I have read recommendations to book my accommodations ahead for the first three nights, up to Pamplona. I plan to do a mixture of private rooms and shared accommodations along the route. While looking for a room...
  15. karenfromcali

    Is the Pyrenees route still closed until April 1st?

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know if they still have the Pyrenees route closed until April 1st? I enjoy a winter Camino and hence prefer to start earlier, but it’s been a while and didn’t know if the rules had changed.
  16. H

    First-time Camino walkers seeking taxi advice for SJPDP to Orisson

    Hello! My daughter and I are walking our first Camino in May 2024. We are from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our first day will be walking from SJPDP to Orisson. Sadly, we could not find accommodation in Orisson. Is it difficult to find a taxi back to SJPDP from Orisson and then back again the next...
  17. Waka

    Excited for my upcoming bed reservation in Borda!

    Just bitten the bullit and booked a bed in Borda for the middle of September. It was n't there the last time I walked the CF so really looking forward to the experience. last time I stayed in Orisson which was very nice.
  18. Tokyoaeo

    Stay in SJPP overnight or start for Orisson

    I arrive in Pamplona on April 16 at 9 AM and thinking about going directly to SJPP, checking in and starting straight out for Orisson. Has anyone else done this? Should I consider rather spending the day and night in SJPP and heading out early the 17th?
  19. Stellamaris

    WhatsApp…Valcarlos albergue ?

    I am trying to book in the Valcarlos albergue using Whatsapp. The albergue number is in my contact list, the number is a one with a « 6 » and it does not work, there is a message saying that the number is not registred on Whatsapp…which is obviously not the case. Anybody a bright idea ? (BTW...
  20. G

    Refuge Orisson vs. Auberge Borda

    I begin the Camino Frances from SJPdP on my birthday in mid-late May. Taking it relatively easy on the first day, so will stay at one of these two accommodations that night. Auberge Borda seems to be of higher quality in terms of beds, facilities and food. However, Refuge Orisson seems to be a...

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