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sjpp to roncesvalles

  1. E

    Weather condition Camino Frances

    Hello Everybody! I'm preparinf for my first Camino starting in SJPDP opn May 9th. Unfortunately the forcast isn't that optimistic. Should I do my first part to Roncesvalles in spite of rain? Does anybody have any experience to share? Thank you in advance! Bueno Camino! Ewa
  2. Luisito76

    Valcarlos route or Napoleon Route

    Hello! Tomorrow I am arriving to SJPD and starting The Camino on Saturday. I am not sure which route ro take, Napoleon or Valcarlos. Any suggestions? PS. I am considering stay in Caro since all the hostels are full Thanks Regards, Luis
  3. camster

    Meals in Roncesvalles, worth it?

    I'm about to book Roncesvalles and I have a choice of breakfasts, picnic and diner. Are they worth it? Are they served at fixed times? I ask because I intend to go to the pilgrims mass at night too. Is the diner a sort of communal meal at a big table? Also, is the breakfast served at a...
  4. J

    Valcarlos albergue

    Hi does anybody know if the albergue in Valcarlos is open? They are not replying to emails. I plan to stay there on Wednesday 26th April.
  5. J

    Where to Stay for the First 2 Days of the Camino Frances from SJPDP

    Helloo, I am looking for suggestions on where to stay the first 2 days starting the camino frances from SJPDP. I am physically able to walk, so can you please recommend good albergues to stay in the first 2 days? I am looking forward to meeting new people but would like to avoid very crowds...
  6. M

    Accommodation Availability

    My husband and I are planning to walk Camino Frances starting the 1st of September 2023. I was trying to book reservations ahead of time for the first week directly or through I am having a hard time finding anything available. Am I too late to be planning for this September...
  7. scott the farmer

    Borda Albergue Services ?

    Hi thinking of staying at the Borda Albergue next year Do they offer lunch and drinks and if so at what price ?
  8. Bradypus

    First rescue of the season on the Route Napoleon

    Because of snow the reopening of the Route Napoleon was delayed until yesterday. And the Burguete bomberos had their first rescue on the path this season. A man with a muscle injury who could not continue walking to Roncesvalles was picked up near the Alto de Lepoeder.
  9. Doingit

    Bus from SJPP to Roncevalles late April 2023

    I am off in three weeks ( April 25 or 26) and will not be able to walk up to Roncevalles but would like to start my Camino from there as the walk seems beautiful and is a place Ive always wanted to go to (Roland and Charlemagne) . I have two weeks for my walk in 2023 and expect to be finishing...
  10. markmcilroy

    Where and how I got lost on the Valcarlos route

    Having done the Napoleon route in 2016 and the Valcarlos route in 2017 with no problems I thought I'd do the Valcarlos again last year but this time I got very lost. Once I got home I checked with the help of Google Earth / Street view to see exactly where I went wrong so this posting maybe of...
  11. C


    made reservation request at the Refuge Orrison but having difficulty try to pay for same on their website. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
  12. P

    Snow conditions on Route Napoleon for Camino Frances in April

    Planning to start the Camino Frances from St Jean on April 3rd. Any thoughts/advice on the snow conditions on the Route Napoleon at the present time?
  13. katep11

    Orisson plan

    Hello! I’m planning to start the CF on May 18. I attempted to make a reservation for Orisson months ago but was thwarted by technology. It appears that the refuge there is now full. I’ve read somewhere here that I could take a taxi back to SJPdP and then another taxi back to Orisson the next...
  14. dreamcoder

    Albergues full in Orisson - bad time to start?

    Buen Camino! I'm planning on starting my Camino on April 13th and wanted to cut the first stage in half and stay in Orisson, but I'm finding all the Albergues to be full. This has made me a little worried that maybe I'm starting during a really busy time? I chose the Spring because it wasn't...
  15. Cityjune

    Accomodation in SJPdP

    Greetings everyone. I’m new here starting my first ever camino in SJPdP 17 April. We super excited!! My friend and I will spend our first night in SJPdP before setting off the next day . We don’t have a budget restriction or concerns about style of accomodation but really want to get the...
  16. deirdreo

    Taxis on the first Stage from SJPP

    Hi there, I am wondering if taxi’s are available on the first section of the Camino Frances… My husband and I completed the end section from Sarria to SDC in 2019 but would like to start at SJPP and complete the entire route in stages. Due to my husbands back surgery, this first stage would need...
  17. J

    Valcarlos route : some practical questions, please

    Good morning. If the French trains run on time, I will arrive in SJPP from Amsterdam at 18.18 this coming Wednesday evening 22/3. I will seek a bed in the municipal auberge. Day 1 is to Valcarlos only, as I ease this 71 year old mammal into the long walk. Q1: As the walk to Valcarlos seems...
  18. N

    Baggage Transfer from SJPDP to Roncesvalles

    Hi, I will be travelling independently from SJPD to Santiago in early April. I want to use Correos to transfer my bag however it appears they only transfer from Roncesvalles. Please can anyone give a suggestion on how to get my bag from SJPDP to Roncesvalles on day one. Many thanks. Nicola.
  19. B

    Roncesvalles albergue reservations

    I hope someone can help me. I have tried to book 4 beds at the Roncesvalles albergue online for May 17 and it looks like it won't take my reservation. My Spanish is not good so I may be missing something. Thank you in advance. Beth from North Dakota
  20. Derek Taylor

    Conditions in Roncesvalles

    I’m hearing the Camino between Roncevalles and Zubiri is currently covered in snow and you have to walk on the road between the two towns. Anyone currently walking that can give an update?

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