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Pilgrims from Australia and the wonderful New Zealand

Hi Sarah. With summer coming, and you a South Islander, I'm urging you to take a hike to the DOC hut at the Temple Ski Basin in Arthur's Pass National Park. It is the exact antipode to an easily indentifiable point on the CF next to the Santiago airport. Details in the following post:

Hopefully one day. I haven't been to Arthur's Pass for possibly over 20 years. I must get out and see my own country again!
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Hi @KiwiRon. I'm guessing a greater part of my expense is starting from Invercargill. Regional flights are a killer. My flights are $4,300 to be exact, including a night in Dubai and travel insurance (which are only small factors). I'm flying all the way to Biarritz, and then out of Madrid on the return leg. I intend to book Borda if I get half a chance, then the next day hop slightly past Roncesvalles. I don't want to stay at Roncesvalles really.
Stay the extra night @ St JPP ,
Walk as far as you want that day [ Orrison / Borda ] return taxi , great sleep , taxi to where you stopped and you will make Burguete easily, which is a great place to stay.
April could be beautiful , play it by ear mate because our first one in May 2008 was via Valcarlos , which we loved [ Mount closed because of torrential rain ]
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Off on our third Camino in April, Porto central (coast to Vila do Conde) with a finale
Happy Hiking and Buen Camino.
I did that this year starting May 2nd. You`ll love it. Just watch when you get to Vila do Conde. Do hang a right over the bridge so as to get to the aquaduct. Otherwise its very easy (as I did) to follow the arrows which lead you back on the coastal route.
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I did my 2nd and 3rd Camino in early May this year. Flights were quite good as I booked rather early. But just checking before I left, were surprisingly doubled.
I am trying to consider walks closer to home. But one can do home as often as one can get away. I am looking into NZ for 2025. But Just coming into this forum, always makes me want to go back to Spain. I would like to do the CF again before I retire. So I can still afford to do it. However my last 5 week trip to Spain/ Portugal only cost me 6K total.
I've done 4 caminos (including the Ignaciano in Spain) Despite the initial cost of flights, I still find those trips far cheaper and have so much more worth than any other holidays I look at in Australia or NZ.
Hi, My search for --Ignaciano in Spain -- did not show anything? Where is this way???
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