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Pilgrim's Poetry


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Pilgrimage is of all people, faiths, sferes and ages - for hunters, gatherers and smorgasbordians:

#1 by Rosalía de Castro (fragment)

see in http://www.amigosdelromanico.org/index.htm :
Noticia: Celebración del Ordo Prophetarum en la catedral de Santiago de Compostela :

Así, la "coitada" Rosalía de Castro dejó en un poema inolvidable las impresiones suscitadas por la contemplación del monumental conjunto : (…)

¿Estarán vivos?, ¿serán de pedra
aqués sembrantes tan verdadeiros,
aquelas túnicas maravillosas,
aqueles ollos de vida cheos?
Vós que os fixeches de Dios coa axuda,
e inmortal nome, Maestre Mateo:
xa que ahí quedaches homildemente
arrodillado, faláime de eso:
máis co eses vosos cabelos rizos
Santo dos croques, calas...i eu rezo
Aquí está a Gloria, máis naquel lado,
naquela arcada, negrexa o inferno
cas almas tristes dos condanados,
donde as devoran todolos demos.
¡Cómo me miran eses calabres
i aqueles deños!
¡Cómo me miran, facendo moecas
dende as colunas onde os puxeron!
¡Santos do ceo!
¡Cómo me firen!...Voume, sí, voume,
¡qué teño medo!

Anyone for a translation?


see http://www.archive.org/details/historyo ... 00fletuoft

" The spirit of antiquity, enshrined
In sumptuous buildings, vocal in sweet song,
In picture speaking with heroic tongue,
And with devout solemnities entwined
Strikes to the seat of grace within the mind :
Hence forms that glide with swan-like ease along,
Hence motions, even amid the vulgar throng,
To an harmonious decency confined,
As if the streets were consecrated ground,
The city one vast temple, dedicate
To mutual respect in thought and deed. "



#3 by Patrick Kavanagh

Pilgrim Nell quoted in Re: The Journey or the Destination? on September 4th, 2009, 6:38 pm on spirituality-and-religion/topic6631.html#p40581 the first lines of Patrick Kavanagh's poem Advent :

"We have tested and tasted too much, lover-
Through a chink too wide there comes in no wonder"

wishing us: "Bonne route" [it will certainly take me some beach sessions to fathom it!]

Here's the full text of this wonderful, magic and mysterious poem and some links for more:


We have tested and tasted too much, lover--
Through a chink too wide there comes in no wonder.
But here in the Advent-darkened room
Where the dry black bread and the sugarless tea
Of penance will charm back the luxury
Of a child's soul, we'll return to Doom
the knowledge we stole but could not use.

And the newness that was in every stale thing
When we looked at it as children: the spirit-shocking
Winder in a black slanting Ulster hill
Or the prophetic astonishment in the tedious talking
Of an old fool will awake for us and bring
You and me to they yard gate to watch the whins
And the bog-holes, cart-tracks, old stables where Time begins.

O after Christmas we'll have no need to go searching
For the difference that sets an old phrase burning--
We'll hear it in the whispered argument of a churning
Or in the streets where the village boys are lurching.
And we'll hear it among decent men too
Who barrow dung in gardens under trees,
Wherever life pours ordinary plenty.
Won't we be rich, my love and I, and please
God we shall not ask for reason's payment,
The why of heart-breaking strangeness in dreeping hedges
Nor analyse God's breath in common statement.
We have thrown into the dust-bin the clay-minted wages
Of pleasure, knowledge and the conscious hour--
And Christ comes with a January flower.


- http://www.redbrick.dcu.ie/~melmoth/pk.htm -
- http://www.sistersofmercy.ie/spirituali ... advent.pdf -
- http://www.irishcultureandcustoms.com/P ... nagh1.html -
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