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  1. Luka

    Knocking on doors to find a place to stay

    I am just curious what your opinion is on this. Would you knock on doors on quiet Caminos to ask for a place to stay? I saw this advice being given to a pilgrim who will start her Camino in the Netherlands and walk through Belgium and France. The person who gave this advice says she has done...
  2. J

    Scallop Shell

    I am starting my camino in Moissac (heading to Santiago de Compostela) Would I be able to buy a scallop shell before St Jean? thanks. Jeff
  3. El Cascayal

    Hug Santiago at last

    From the Cathedral website: A partir de las 10:30 h de este miércoles 14 de junio, el camarín del Apóstol Santiago quedará abierto, por lo que se podrá realizar de nuevo el rito del Abrazo al Apóstol Santiago. Los primeros en acceder serán los miembros del cabildo catedralicio. A continuación...
  4. Felice

    Santiago traditions?

    I have not been to Santiago since before covid, and something that was mentioned to me recently, made me wonder how many of the traditional rituals are still able to be performed. So - I know that you can no longer take your rucksack inside the cathedral. I know that you can no longer put...
  5. SMOM Pilgrim

    Camino pilgrims prepare with shell ceremony

    Question: In recent years group shell ceremonies have increased in the news, most have ties back to American Pilgrims on the Camino chapters. Is this a recent phenomena or something with real history on the Camino?
  6. Hey Jude

    Walking barefoot across Puente la Reina

    Today as I left Puente la Reina I noticed Pilgrims on the other side of the bridge were putting their shoes and socks back on. I asked about this and some Italian pilgrims told me about the tradition of walking across the bridge barefoot, not on the smooth part but on the rough part. They...
  7. MassNative

    A recent enhancement for my Camino Shell

    When my wife and I walked last fall, we bought Scallop shells in SJPdP. We quickly found out the shells are very fragile. Mine did not make it to Villatuerta before it broke into two pieces, each dangling on the string through different holes. We visited the blacksmith shop in Ayegui, a little...
  8. SantiagoFromColombia

    Churches and attire?

    When entering Churches in Spain, would it be disrespectful to enter in pilgrims attire? i.e. shorts, and backpack. Might it also matter depending on whether or not they are holding mass at the given time? Thanks for any helpful advice on the matter.
  9. JohnRRogers

    Tradition…. When to start wearing your scallop shell?

    For first timers, do you start wearing your scallop shell when you start the camino, or only after you have finished?
  10. ficklefancyfree

    Etiquette/ what to wear at churches

    Hello everyone, I was hoping for a little advice. I would like to visit and attend mass as often as I can along my Camino. I’m not Catholic or even Christian. I understand that I should dress appropriately and plan on bringing a full length jumpsuit, with a shawl to cover my shoulders. If it...
  11. Mr_Ross_Duncan

    Overtaking étiquette.

    I've been hesitating about posting this thread. The risk of sounding like a cranky old so and so is too high, stirring up the community and getting nasty responses, (even in capitals) but here goes nothing. Deep breath. My wife and I have just finished the GR65, along with the short Via...
  12. peregrina2000

    DO NOT burn your clothes at Finisterre

    There have been some recent isolated comments about some sort of “tradition” of burning clothes at Finisterre. This is illegal and a very bad idea. PLEASE, if you have heard any noise about this, do what you can to dispel the myth. This is not a hallowed tradition, in fact, it is an...
  13. H

    Nature call on the Camino

    Please let me know the protocol. Is inside washroom z must ?
  14. Camino Chrissy

    Superstition in France?

    While walking on the Via Podiensis (Le Puy camino) during the month of June my friends and I passed many of these dried wreaths on doorways in certain villages and towns along the way. We asked a local resident what they were, and the answer was in broken English, so couldn't fully get the gist...
  15. trecile

    Pilgrim "customs"?

    I've been asked to do a presentation on Walking the Modern Camino. I have been asked several questions in advance, and some have to do with pilgrim "customs." Specifically I have been asked about these "customs": burning your clothes in Finisterre/Muxia, dropping stones at the Cruz de Ferro...
  16. rappahannock_rev

    A Big Boo to Stone Stacking
  17. D

    Significance of burning personal items at Finisterre

    Hey Pilgrims, What is the significance of burning personal possessions when reaching the end of the world at Finisterre?
  18. Mónica_Cribe

    Where do you usually carry the shell?

    Hola! I have a question! Where do you usually carry the pilgrim's shell? Hanging from the neck or backpack
  19. The Ladies Bathroom!

    The Ladies Bathroom!

    Even though a City Girl, Pat is very used to it now............ When a girls gotta go................
  20. G

    Which side of the path

    Hi everyone Coming from Australia where we cycle /walk on the left hand side of paths, trails, footpaths etc, but walk on the right hand side of the road (facing oncoming traffic), my question is: which side of the path, trail etc do you walk on in Spain? I have seen advice re walking on the...

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