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  1. Camino Chrissy

    Superstition in France?

    While walking on the Via Podiensis (Le Puy camino) during the month of June my friends and I passed many of these dried wreaths on doorways in certain villages and towns along the way. We asked a local resident what they were, and the answer was in broken English, so couldn't fully get the gist...
  2. trecile

    Pilgrim "customs"?

    I've been asked to do a presentation on Walking the Modern Camino. I have been asked several questions in advance, and some have to do with pilgrim "customs." Specifically I have been asked about these "customs": burning your clothes in Finisterre/Muxia, dropping stones at the Cruz de Ferro...
  3. rappahannock_rev

    A Big Boo to Stone Stacking
  4. D

    Significance of burning personal items at Finisterre

    Hey Pilgrims, What is the significance of burning personal possessions when reaching the end of the world at Finisterre?
  5. The Ladies Bathroom!

    The Ladies Bathroom!

    Even though a City Girl, Pat is very used to it now............ When a girls gotta go................
  6. G

    Which side of the path

    Hi everyone Coming from Australia where we cycle /walk on the left hand side of paths, trails, footpaths etc, but walk on the right hand side of the road (facing oncoming traffic), my question is: which side of the path, trail etc do you walk on in Spain? I have seen advice re walking on the...
  7. VNwalking

    Celebrate the Menú del Dia!

    I don't like the look of this one bit: The concern seems to be a lot about this: Will it hold its own, or fold to the pressure of change? Or is this just journalistic hype...
  8. H

    Free breakfast at the Parador

    My story is that a friend and I had the free breakfast at the Parador. We were shown into a kind of back room and given the very basic breakfast, and no staff ever returned. My reaction was not one of annoyance or dissatisfaction. On the contrary, I felt like it was a very respectful...
  9. M

    The 'free lunch' at the Parador.

    For those lucky enough to get the free ticket to the Parador.... It’s a nice meal but my experience today made me wish I had not made the effort. Staff there today treated us as though we were hardly worth bothering with. Oh, it's pilgrims...serve and ignore. Food was OK but would have been nice...
  10. Camino Toilet Tips

    Camino Toilet Tips

    The 'Boss' was shocked to see this! I know most people here are careful but maybe for Newbies it helps to illustrate the problem.
  11. Icacos

    The proper way 'to go'

    This image has been posted recently on the forum, and some persons - myself included - have made light of it. However, I'm being serious here. Aside from the drawing (which is what was made light of) the words above the drawing say, "Here, it is like this." I'm struggling with how to put this...
  12. Houlet

    Should Rock Stacking be Banned? An article from the BBC website, I don't do it but surely an over reaction?
  13. Icacos

    Cross-cultural etiquette

    "'s worth knowing that in some European countries there are quite extablished rules of etiquette for when dining out. There may be some cross-cultural stuff going on here where one person is referring to the good manners expected in their country when dining in a restaurant and other...
  14. alexwalker

    Collecting garbage - A duty for conscious pilgrims?

    On my next camino (sept. or so, I think) I am going to bring a bag each day and pick up garbage. I have often done this, but not systematically. Why do it? I am tired of seeing empty plastic bottles (weighs nothing), empty sigarette packs (weighs nothing) etc etc along the trails. If I put it...
  15. K

    Racial discrimination on the Camino

    Hello and big thanks to members of the forum for sharing. I have been reading posts religiously hoping not to have to bring this question up myself. I plan on hiking the Camino Frances solo starting April 1st. I am of African descent and black ; I wonder what level of racial discrimination I may...
  16. Preshadon

    Making the Camino better

    What are the 7 best things I can do to make the Camino de Santiago better for those who will follow me and for the hosts who graciously share their beautiful country with me? Feedback is a gift, so all replies are appreciated but I am particularly interested in the response from those who live...
  17. T

    The shell

    Hi everyone. Im walking the camino in the fall of 2017. I have read that in the middle ages they would walk to the end of the world and collect a shell to prove they completed the pilgrimage. This is something I would love to do instead of carrying one from St. jean. My question is are there...
  18. Felipe

    Giving directions

    A question....what do you do when somebody asks you for the right direction in the Camino? That happens sometimes to me...I guess that people suppose that wisdom comes with age, although as you know, this is not necessarily true. :p I always study thoroughly maps and guides, even browse Google...
  19. J

    Toilet tissue on or by the trail

    First, as a new person to the Camino, let me say thank you to everyone on this forum for much useful information and insights. We are just returning from our first Camino experience. We walked one week on the Arogenes from Jaca and then one week on the Frances starting at Pamplona. (Didn't get...
  20. Albertinho

    How much should your donation be ?

    imagine ! You are walking and arrive at a "private" albergue that seems to be the house of a private family who open their house for pilgrims on their way to Santiago. You get a clean bed in a common room, you share with 10 or more others. There are hot showers ,toilets, room to wash and dry...